Record-setting powerlifter and bodybuilder CT Fletcher has been lifting for 30 years, and his unique, no-excuses workout plan is designed to help even new lifters get ripped. The CT Fletcher workout plan is useful for beginners and experienced lifters alike.

Also, its purpose is to help lifters add mass and get stronger. With the combination of a rigorous program and CT Fletcher’s unique method of inspiration, this program can help lifters get motivated and get results.

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Do You Know What The CT Fletcher Workout Plan Can Do for You?

1. His Workout Plan Harnesses the Prison Mindset

A central feature of Fletcher’s plan is what he has termed the penitentiary workout. When you’re in a penitentiary, Fletcher says that you don’t care how many sets you do. This is because your time to lift virtually has no limits.

Thus, in his workout, there are not set rep schemes to follow. The workout plan is all about the mindset of being locked up. This mindset then gives lifters the focus to drive their need to push themselves beyond standard rep schemes.

2. CT Fletcher Has a Unique Way of Motivating Lifters

While CT Fletcher’s method of inspiration may not suit everyone, it can be very powerful. Fletcher is famous for profanity and for forcefully yelling inspiration at his trainees. He grew up with a father who told him to do things because I said so.

His commanding presence is often enough to inspire lifters to push themselves harder for better results.

3. His High-Volume Approach Can Lead to Serious Hypertrophy

Tthe CT Fletcher workout plan penitentiary workout philosophy may mean that there aren’t set schemes to follow. However, he does advise those following his plan to do at least five sets of ten reps per exercise.

This advice means that trainees are getting an enormous amount of volume per workout. When paired with the right diet, this level of volume means that trainees can get major hypertrophy results.

4. He Has Lifters Do Several Exercises for Each Body Part

As most recreational bodybuilders know, slight variations on different exercises can help lead to better results. For example, hammer curls and bicep curls are similar in that they both develop the biceps. Moreover, the neutral grip used in the hammer curl targets the brachialis for improved bicep peaks.

The CT Fletcher workout plan involves doing multiple exercises per body part for a complete workout. And since his workouts place a special emphasis on arm development, his workout involves six several types of curls.

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5. His Plan Involves Flexibility

While the CT Fletcher workout plan may seem incredibly strict, the program allows for some flexibility. On his website, he suggests mixing and matching:

  • Rep schemes and ranges;
  • Exercises to find what works for you.

After all, Fletcher built his physique using often unconventional training techniques. And when those following his plan do the same, they will be on their way to improved muscle growth.

To Your Set

Essentially, the hardcore mindset and challenging workouts that make up the CT Fletcher workout plan helpĀ to pose an intense mental and physical challenge. For those looking for a real program with tangible results, this plan is a great choice to help them get ripped quickly.