Sometimes he is the Superman from Compton. Other times, he’s the strongest man on the planet. However, CT Fletcher has been inspiring people around the world to achieve their fitness and weight lifting goals. One quick look at the man tells you why more and more people are beginning to listen. Yes, there’s no doubt that Fletcher has a truly impressive physique. The CT Fletcher weight is a subject many discuss.

Despite being in his 50s, the man is truly ripped and in far better shape than most guys half his age. Still, let’s first understand what makes the CT Fletcher weight lifting exercises so popular and so effective. So, it’s necessary to look deeper into the man’s personal philosophy and how it helped him get so ripped.

ct fletcher weight

5 CT Fletcher Lessons You Should Also Learn

1. Avoiding Steroids

When he first decided to get involved in professional weightlifting and bodybuilding competitions, CT did so with the goal of being the greatest bodybuilder around. Of course, he wanted this without having to resort to steroids and drug use.

Using steroids goes against everything the CT Fletcher weightlifting program stands for. Instead, the program is all about maximizing your body’s potential in a healthy, natural way. This is rather than resorting to steroids as a shortcut.

2. Never Settling for Average

If you’ve watched any of the CT Fletcher weight training videos, you’re probably aware that one of his favorite quote is f**k average. This mantra is essential for anyone that wants to truly get ripped and make their body stand out.

Basically, it means that you’ve got to constantly push yourself to do better. Then, never let yourself become happy or rest on your laurels. Greatness doesn’t come on its own. This means that if you want to be the greatest, you’ve got to put in the work it takes to make it happen.

3. Hours of Hard Work and Gallons of Sweat

Becoming ripped doesn’t happen overnight. This is why most CT Fletcher weight training exercises stress the importance of pushing yourself until you can’t go any further. CT is truly a beast in the gym. But, like anyone else, he’s had to put in a huge amount of time and effort to get there.

After losing most of his muscle mass following open-heart surgery in 2005, Fletcher spent countless hours in the gym in an effort to build himself back up to where he’s at now. This shows that it’s possible for anyone to get incredibly buff if they’re willing to put in enough blood, sweat and tears in the gym.

4. Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Another thing that the CT Fletcher weight training program stresses is the importance of healthy eating. Prior to his heart surgery, CT used to eat whatever he could get his hands on in order to provide his body with the fuel necessary to power through his intense workouts.

However, his heart attack definitely taught him the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet and of a healthy lifestyle in general. In fact, focusing on living a healthy life actually made it easier in many ways to get back into the shape where he’s again able to compete in bodybuilding competitions.

5. It’s Still Yo Mutha’ F**kin’ Set

The CT Fletcher weight training regime is based off this one important idea, which he says he adopted from his dad. When CT says it’s your set, what he means is that everything is ultimately your responsibility. It is up to you to set your own weight training and fitness goals. Also, it’s equally up to you to put in the work it takes to achieve them.

Again, it’s all about how far you’re willing to push yourself—the more willing you are to continually push yourself and never settle, the quicker you’ll be able to reach your goals.

The Bottom Line

If there is one thing that the CT Fletcher weight regime emphasizes more than anything else, it’s the importance of the self. CT didn’t rely on steroids or other people to get ripped or to achieve his goals. Instead, for CT it was all about CT Fletcher.

This is something that anyone who’s looking to get buff or improve their fitness should really remember. Truly anything is possible if you want it bad enough and are willing to work hard enough to get it.