There are many important factors to consider when picking the best fitness supplements. Some factors to consider include cost, ingredient quality, and overall effectiveness. One of the best ways to evaluate a product is to take advantage of a free trial offer. This article is going to explore three men’s health supplements free trial options worth trying today.

We will list them according to their popularity and give you a bit of information about each supplement. We will also briefly cover the main pros and cons of each product as well.

1: VolcaNO

VolcaNO men's health supplements free trial form

VolcaNO is our top men’s health supplements free trial pick. It includes a variety of popular ingredients like creatine that make it the best pre workout supplement for men. The main idea behind this product is that it functions as a powerful vasodilator that can help deliver blood to your muscles for enhanced recovery.

The trial period is for 14 days and only cost $4.95 shipping. After that, your card will automatically be billed $69.99 plus shipping for each month that you remain enrolled in their VIP program.


  • Creatine HCI: The inclusion of creatine HCI is one of the primary reasons this product is our top men’s health supplements free trial pick. It is absorbed much easier than many other creatine products.
  • Easy Cancellation Policy: The introductory offer is very easy to cancel when your trial period ends. Simply contact customer service at 1-877-492-7243 at least one day prior to your order shipment date.
  • No Stimulants: VolcaNO is a very effective supplement that doesn’t use any stimulants. This helps reduce the likelihood of side effects like an upset stomach.


  • Shipping Fee: One major drawback is that you are responsible for shipping with this trial offer.
  • Flushed Feeling: While this supplement does not have stimulants, it does have powerful vasodilators that can cause flushing especially for people with conditions like Rosacea.
  • Lack of Vitamins: The only vitamin ingredient listed is vitamin B6. Many other supplement choices include important vitamins and minerals.

2: Nuzest

the Nuzest men health supplements free trial form

No workout routine and supplement regimen would be complete without a high-quality protein source. This is why Nuzest is our men’s health supplements free trial pick for this particular category. Not all proteins are created equal, and that is something you will quickly realize with this specific brand.

Each serving is only 90 calories and offers 21 grams of protein. With a wide selection of flavors like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and strawberry, you are sure to find the perfect match to suit your tastes. The free trial is for one package and doesn’t require any commitments. A 10-pack will cost you approximately $35 plus shipping.


  • Gluten and Soy Free: One of the best things about this product is that it is completely free of gluten and soy. It also doesn’t utilize any artificial preservatives.
  • Low-Calorie Count: With 21 grams of protein for only 90 calories, this is an excellent protein supplement for those who are watching their total daily caloric intake.
  • No Commitments: One of the main reasons this is a men’s health supplements free trial option worth trying is that it has no commitments. The company does not require a cancellation process which is very convenient for all their potential clients out there.


  • Small Sample Size: One drawback of this particular offer is its small sample size. It only includes enough product for a single serving.
  • Shipping: The total shipment cost for this trial offer is $1.99. While not huge on its own, keep in mind it is for only one serving of the product.
  • Costs: With ten packages costing $35, this product is slightly more expensive than some of the other protein sources currently available.

3: TestX Core

the TestX Core health supplements free trial form

Declining testosterone levels are a normal part of aging for all men. This can have a drastic impact on muscle retention and development for just about anyone. For this reason, we have included TestX Core in our list of top men’s health supplements free trial options.

The product boasts that it can help beat muscle loss and burn fat. It includes ingredients like zinc, vitamin b6, and taurine. The trial offer is for 14 days with most 30-day supplies costing $89.41 thereafter. The lack of caffeine makes this one of the best supplements for those who are sensitive to stimulants.


  • Vitamins and Minerals: There are several important vitamins and minerals in this supplement like vitamin b6, taurine, vitamin D, and selenium.
  • Caffeine Free: With no caffeine content, this product is an ideal choice for those who are prone to rapid heartbeat and other side effects of caffeine consumption.
  • Easy to Cancel: Cancelling this men’s health supplements free trial is very easy. You can cancel your subscription by calling the company’s customer service at 1-855-322-8780. Be sure to contact them before the free trial ends. Otherwise, they might charge you for a monthly subscription.


  • Limited Testosterone Impact: If we look at this health supplement’s ingredient list, we will see that there is limited to no scientific evidence about its content effectiveness. We cannot say for sure if the fruits and herbs used can impact testosterone count.
  • Expensive: With a purchase price of $89.41 for a 30-day supply, this is one of the most expensive workout supplements for men.
  • Pushy Website Design: The website design is very pushy and uses a variety of high-pressure sales tactics.

Drawing to a Close

No matter what supplement manufacturers may advertise, sometimes the best way to see if a supplement is right for you is to try it for yourself. Consider trying any of these three men’s health supplements free trial options and tell us a bit about your experience in the comments section. We would also love to hear about any supplement recommendations you may have as well.