RSP Prime T is a product used by men as a supplement for testosterone boosting. Its main uses are:

  • Testosterone support
  • Bigger, lean muscle
  • Greater libido
  • Better testosterone and estrogen balance

RSP Prime T is recommended by many due to its use of natural herbs. The manufacturer, RSP Nutrition, is based in the US.

Like most testosterone boosters, RSP Prime T reviews show that this product claims to help boosts testosterone, muscle growth, as well as cognitive and sexual function. It also claims to aid in estrogen levels without affecting testosterone production.

This RSP Prime T review will break down RSP Prime T's claims and ingredients in order to help you make an educated decision on your testosterone boosting brand choice.

Benefits and Disadvantages of RSP Prime T

RSP Prime T claims to provide these benefits upon taking this supplement regularly:

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    Boosted levels of testosterone
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    Enhanced muscle growth
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    Blocks estrogen production
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    Functionality boost
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    Sexual function boost

Unfortunately, not much is known about RSP Prime T's manufacturer, besides the name, which can be a bit worrisome for the user.

Also, although there are active amounts of Vitamin D-3 for testosterone absorption, D-Aspartic Acid, boron and fenugreek which gives this product a solid base, the levels of zinc aren't high enough to make a difference. The vitamins and solid base provide a healthy formula for men's well-being, however there aren't many T boosters included.

Key Ingredients in RSP Prime T

The ingredients contained in ESP Prime T formula include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid – This amino acid has been proved to promote lean muscle growth. It is a cornerstone ingredient for quality testosterone boosters that also removes testosterone rate limits and boosts endurance levels. 
  • Maca Root – This botanical ingredient is used solely for aphrodisiac and libido purposes. It also helps increase sperm production.
  • Fenugreek – This ingredient's main purpose is to work as an aphrodisiac. It also stimulates androgens for testosterone production.
  • Zinc – This element increases testosterone production in the brain. It is also involved in luteinizing hormone production. A must-have for any natural testosterone booster.
  • Bioperine – This is a hormonal ingredient which aids men in nutrient absorption. These nutrients are the ingredients which help release testosterone. 
  • BoronThis ingredient helps raise your testosterone levels and lower your estrogen – serving as a successful hormonal balancer.
  • DIM – This ingredient suppresses estrogen production and serves as an enzyme inhibitor.
  • Vitamins – ESP Prime T includes Vitamins B3 B12 and D3 for testosterone absorption and energy levels.

RSP Prime-T

RSP Prime-T Testosterone Booster



Our Rating

This is the #5 Best Seller on Amazon. RSP Prime T is marketed as a testosterone optimization formula, which aims to create a healthy balance of estrogen and makes a positive impact on the user’s prostrate health.


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    Includes D-Aspartic Acid
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    Reduces estrogen levels
  • angle-double-right
    Supports lean muscle growth
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    High quality ingredients for affordable price


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    Can cause acne issues
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    Does not include vitamin B6
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    May cause anger
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    Big tablets are difficult to swallow

How much is RSP Prime T and Where Can I Get it?

RSP Prime T works out to be about $30 a month – which isn't a lot for an above-average product. You can find it online here at RSP Prime T Amazon. This is also where you can go to read more RSP Prime T reviews.

You can also purchase Prime T through and iHerb.

RSP Prime T Review at a Glance

This is a great product for athletes who are on a budget. It offers a quality base, and although it's missing some ingredients, you can't go wrong with the price.