When it comes to test boosting supplements, finding a product with a huge, muscular bull on the front, flexing its guns, many think it’s a sure sign of success. Prime Test booster is the #1 ranked product on Amazon, outselling all other competitors.

What are the Key Ingredients


Surprisingly, Prime Test uses a proprietary blend. This practice is often frowned upon by the wider bodybuilding community, and yet the bestselling test booster has built their success on such a formula. It includes:

  • Orchic substance – an extract from bull testicles
  • Horny Goat Weed – Known for enhancing properties in male virility and blood flow
  • Sarsaparilla – An aphrodisiac used to treat sexual dysfunction
  • Tongkat AliUnproven in test boosting but known to help with libido and energy levels

This product also includes nettle root and wild yam extract.

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What Does Prime Test Do?

Aside from the plant extracts and natural herbs, Prime Test includes boron and calcium. These two minerals help this supplement have a big impact on muscle growth and performance. As many of the products increase libido, users of Prime Testosterone booster tend to see noticeable changes in their sexual interest and energy, often making big gains in stamina.

Nettle and boron are fantastic for freeing up more testosterone by combating the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). This protein inhibits our bodies ability to use natural testosterone.

How to Take Prime Test Testosterone Supplement

The recommended dose for Prime Test is two capsules, 1-2 times per day. With test boosters, it is usually most effective to spread the doses out, thus avoiding a spike and decline in the body’s T levels.

What are the Possible Side Effects

There has been some reports of nausea and reduced blood pressure. More worryingly, is that this product includes ingredients that could cause kidney issues if consumed in large doses.

Value Per Bottle of this Test Booster

Prime Test is available for just $20, which is very affordable and goes some way to explaining why it is the best-selling test booster supplement online. However, whether that translates into great value for money is another debate. There is much speculation that this product gives the illusion of increasing testosterone, with its true effects yet to be proven.

Is Prime Test the Best?

Prime Test is a cheap product that delivers quick in the bedroom department. Men will notice a boost in their libido and energy levels, often leading them to believe that their testosterone levels are going through the roof. However, this proprietary blend includes some ingredients that are not only unbacked by science, but also known to have much stronger, more potent substitutes. For example, wild yam extract and bull’s testicles are here but there is no sign of the crucially important zinc or vitamin D3. If you want a high-quality test booster, then these are ingredients that simply must be included. Overall, the flood of good reviews for Prime Test may be down to little more than guys who are enjoying more action in the bedroom than the gym. Serious athletes and bodybuilders should find better products than this.

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