Forged Methyl EAA is a supplement which provides users with an excellent source of testosterone. When used appropriately, Forged Methyl allows athletes, body builders or aging men to achieve their muscle gaining goals.

The components of a supplement is what makes a product successful or not. In this article, we will outline the ingredients and their purposes to give you a trustworthy and useful guide to choosing a test booster that's right for you. 

A List of Forged Methyl Ingredients

The main components of Forged Methyl EAA are three blends of ingredients. When these blends are combined, they allow users to gain lean muscle.

The first blend is an herbal support blend, the second, a neuroprotectant blend and the last is an aromatase inhibitor blend.

Let's take a closer look at these blends, what they consist of, and what they're capable of:

1. The Herbal Blend:

This blend consists of a few different herbs. These herbs include Divanillyltetrahydrofuran, Osthol, Icariins and Protodioscin. This special combination provides testosterone in the body. This is accomplished by binding themselves to a sex hormone attaching globulin. This combination enhances the user's sex drive, aids in bone health, softens muscle contraction for free testosterones and helps erectile function.

2. Neuroprotectant Blend:

This specific blend is made of AgmaPure sarcosine and Apocynin. Sarcosine is a special amino acid which boosts NMDA, or N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid, which helps increase test production. This combination of ingredients can help prevent cell damage and encourages better sexual performance.

3. Aromatase Inhibitor Blend:

This blend contains chrysin and acacetin, which come from natural sources. Acacetin is from a plant and has anti-estrogen abilities, which balances the user's hormones. Chrysin is a flavonoid and used in hormone therapy.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Forged Methyl

Due to the list of blends described above, Forged Methyl offers benefits for users in the way they appear and feel.

Forged Methyl takers can experience the following benefits:

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    Increased and supported muscle mass
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    Enhanced testosterone levels
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    Energy boost
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    Libido boost
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    Focus and concentration
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    Increase in strength and recovery

These benefits are largely due to the boost in nitric oxide in the body which boosts blood circulation. Forged Methyl's benefits also include the fact that the ingredients are all-natural, which helps ease the user's mind.

There are a few drawbacks with this supplement as well, however. These include:

  • It is solely available for sale online
  • There haven't been clinical tests to support their claims
  • The hyped benefits seem a bit unrealistic.

Before consuming Forged Methyl, users should consider their body weight in order to take the proper dosage for maximum results.

What is the Cost of Forged Methyl


Forged Methyl EAA for 30 servings will go for about $77.25 and can be found online. It can last for a month or two – depending on the user's body weight.

Forged Methyl EAA

Forged Methyl Testosterone Booster



Our Rating

This test booster can only be bought online. The manufacturer of Forged Methyl advertises this supplement as a combination of three different blends, which make it better than the competition.


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    Accelerates recovery time
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    Improves focus & concentration
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    Boosts energy levels


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    Potential side effects
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    Can only be purchased online
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    Claims appear to be unrealistic

Forged Methyl Review: Bottom Line

Forged Methyl claims to help men increase their testosterone levels and gain lean muscle mass quickly and safely. The manufacturer claims that this supplement contains natural ingredients which have been clinically tested. The only issue with this brand is the fact that there hasn't been any proof of the supplement's abilities and performance.