Anabolic Matrix Rx is a supplement which supports testosterone levels in men. By utilizing herbal extracts and specific materials from plants, Anabolic Matrix Rx is able to support healthy and positive testosterone levels – a possible benefit for older men especially.

This article will outline the formula of Anabolic Matrix and how it works as a testosterone booster.

How Does Anabolic Matrix Work?

The ingredients found in Anabolic Matrix are made to stimulate and support testosterone production, while blocking estrogen production. These issues can be prominent in both aging men and bodybuilders who are looking for a post-cycle therapy plan, prior to using anabolic steroids or prohormones.

Along with regular use of vitamins and minerals, this supplement is used to support male health in more ways than one. It's also easy to take as this supplement is in capsule form.

Anabolic Matric test booster also includes a description of the intended cycle of operation, including clinical citations based on how the ingredients used have performed during animal testing.

Anabolic Matrix Rx Advantages and Its Disadvantages

  • There aren't any known side effects when taking this product as suggested.
  • Contains all-natural products
  • There is scientific research provided by the manufacturer which supports come of the formula's ingredients
  • The clinic research that the manufacturer cited didn't provide information to the exact formula, which makes it difficult to understand if the specific combination is valuable.
  •  Price can range, depending on the retailer you go through.

    Anabolic Matrix Rx Ingredients List 

    The list of ingredients provided by the manufacturer are included below. These ingredients are the active properties of Anabolic Matrix Rx, the binders and capsule have not been listed:

    Vitamin B6 and Zinc: Vitamins and minerals are included to help support any possible deficiencies to ensure optimum male health

    Tribulus terrestrisThis Mediterranean plant, also known as puncture vine due to its spikes, is known to promote male health. It can help support optimal testosterone levels. This herb should not be taken with heart or blood pressure medications.

    Tongkat ali: This is an herb which is native to Indonisia and Malaysia. It can be used to support libido and male sex drive.

    Maca root: This is a Peruvian botanical ingredient which is known to help boost libido and sperm count.

    Anabolic Matrix

    Anabolic Matrix testosterone booster



    Our Rating

    With a heavy reliance on herbal ingredients, Anabolic Matrix RX helps men in several ways. Most notably, it increases libido, which has made the Anabolic Matrix test booster popular among older men. It is possible to find this product at a lower price in some stores. 


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      Contains Maca Root
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      Easy to use
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      Helps sexual performance


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      No formula details
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      Not FDA approved
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      May cause an allergic reaction

    Major Points to Note

    Anabolic Matrix test booster contains active ingredients which are derived from all-natural sources. Its main function is male health support, especially if you are aging or wanting to gain more out of your exercise. That being said, it is not a substitute for exercise or healthy habits.

    What is a Safe Supplement Dosage 

    The recommended dosage for Anabolic Matrix is two capsules every day for eight weeks. The manufacturer has recommended that you stop taking Anabolic Matrix for two weeks after the eight-week period. Anabolic Matrix test booster should be taken with food.

    How Much is Anabolic Matrix?

    If buying this supplement directly from the retailer, you should expect to pay $45 USD for a bottle of 120 capsules. However, it can be found in many retail outlets for roughly $30. The retailer may also offer promotions, depending on when you're looking to buy this supplement.

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