EPG Testoshred, commonly mistaken as EPG Testo Shred, is a testosterone booster which uses four main ingredients to help bodybuilders, athletes or aging men burn estrogen and gain muscle. The manufacturer claims that these four ingredients work together to ensure replenishment of natural testosterone production, while at the same time, creating a lean and strong body.

In this EPG Testoshred review, we will breakdown the ingredients and supplement benefits and disadvantages to provide a detailed, thorough and trustworthy resource so you can choose the best testosterone boosting supplement for you.

What are EPG Testoshred Ingredients?

The ingredients in any testosterone booster will give direction on whether or not it’s an effective and safe product.

The combination of ingredients and how they work individually as well as together on the body is also important to consider.

The ingredients used in the EPG Testpshred formula are:

  • Black Pepper (BioPerine) This is the extract of piperine, which is named BioPerone. This has been tested clinically in the United States. BioPerine® boosts the bioavailability of a number of supplement nutrients by increased absorption.
  • D-Aspartate, DAA – This product is a very popular ingredient in many testosterone boosters. D-aspartic acid is an amino acid and L-aspartate. It can be used as a testosterone booster. DAA manipulates the brain to release hormones. These hormones include follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone and growth hormone. It doesn’t raise estrogen levels like certain prohormones or steroids do.
  • Tribulus – Tribulus is a plant that has gained a lot of hype and recognition throughout the years as a testosterone booster. However, studies have shown that Tribulus does not produce the results in muscle mass or strength that testosterone booster manufacturers claim it provides.
  • Bulbine Natalensis – This is an African herb which boosts testosterone. That being said, it can be quite toxic on the body as it can damage organs. Also, it requires high dosages in order to be effective.
  • Arimistane – This is a powerful anti-estrogen which reduces estrogen from circulating through the body. There have not been any animal or human tests done on this product, so it’s difficult to confirm is its true performance.

Benefits and Disadvantages of this Supplement

There are ingredients in Testoshred that are great and others that could be substituted for better options:

  • check D-Aspartic Acid is great for boosting testosterone. It’s effective which is why it’s used with some of the best test boosters.
  • Bulbine has dangerous side-effects, and its dosage in EPG Testoshred is too low for the appropriate results.
  • BioPerine is great for nutrient absorption, however it is not another testosterone stimulator.
  • There is no scientific proof that Armistane increases testosterone levels.

 How to Take EPG Testoshred

The manufacturer has recommended that you should take up to four tablets a day. These tablets should be spread out evenly through the day for best results. This makes it so your body constantly has nutrients to work with.

EPG Testoshred

EPG Testoshred testosterone booster



Our Rating

This product from EPG is actually a combination of several test boosters. Testoshred Boost is best suited for hardcore bodybuilders and athletes who are seeking maximum performance in high-intensity activities. This should be taken into consideration when debating whether to go for this product.


  • angle-double-right Increases energy levels
  • angle-double-right Contains BioPerine
  • angle-double-right Boosts metabolism
  • angle-double-right Lowers estrogen levels


  • angle-double-right Not FDA approved
  • angle-double-right Contains Bulbine
  • angle-double-right No ingredients recognized as effective for muscle mass gains

EPG Testoshred Review Conclusion

In theory, EPG Testoshred can increase testosterone since it includes D-Aspetic Acid. That being said, the small amount of DAA doesn’t make for an awesome testosterone boosting product.