Best Post Workout Creatine Supplement For Muscle Growth

Last updated:  September 13th 2016.  The Best Post Workout Creatine Supplement for Muscle Growth written by: DedicatedDorris It’s undoubtedly true that you can grow your muscles simply by eating well and having some workouts, specifically lifting weights. However, at times you want maximize your ability to grow muscles and grow them fast. In such circumstances, you will need a substance that will help you develop muscles fast and these calls for muscle growth supplements.

Creatine is one supplement that aids in muscle building. You do this by mixing creatine with somebody nutrients such as simple carbohydrates, BCAA’s, amino acids to make it be absorbed faster and work efficiently resulting in faster muscle growth. Here is some of the best post workout creatine supplements for muscle growth that will let you have those huge muscles you have always desired to have.

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Cell Tech

This hardgainers creatine formula is very helpful to those who want to build on muscles at a fast and steady rate. This scientifically generated formula is made for those hardgainers who experience problems with putting on sizeable and strong muscles. This creatine has been patented and it contains very useful and central ingredients that enjoy the support of many clinical researches. Cell tech has been found to:

– Increase muscle strength

– Maximize creatine found in muscles

– Work well for hardgainers

Other benefits of this creatine supplement include:

– No fillers

– No banned or prohibited substances

– No exceptions

– No under-dosing of key ingredients or overdosing of non relevant ingredients


Nuke is referred to as the muscle warfare as it is designed to saturate your muscles with the ingredient you require to build muscles. This creatine supplement saturates your muscles with rich and high performance amino acids. In addition, it adds other highly performing and rich synergistic co-factors. The result of this combination, is protruding, heavy and strong muscles that develop fast and are long lasting.

Nuke muscle warfare is found to contain:

– Top of Formamino acid responsible for muscle infusion

– BCAA precision blend

– Very essential amino acids

– Carbohydrates with high molecular weight

– RNA/DNA encoding matrix

– Anti-catabolic as well as potent-anabolic substances

This creatine supplement is designed to give you 8 very vital free-form amino acids that come with a carbohydrate delivery system with high molecular weight. Apart from these carbohydrates, it also comes with myobolic nutrients that serve to give your muscles a high recovery potential.

AfterShock Recovery

This supplement is designed to look into every single aspect of growth of strong muscles. It is modeled to look into speed of growth, strength of the muscles, enhanced muscle performance and high recovery potential.

Myogenix, the company responsible for this muscle supplement, has introduced the ultimate muscle advanced recovery and strength formula. This AferShock Recovery works on ensuring there is proper functionality on the various aspects responsible for muscle growth such as strength of the growing muscles, speed at which the muscles are growing at as well as enhancing the recovery of the muscles.

AfterShock has been made with the elite athletes at heart as it serves their needs. It provides them with intense energy and strong muscle without compromising on their athletic performance thus helping them in their day to day practice.

This muscle supplement is best taken during the anabolic window. Anabolic period is about 30 minutes after the workout when the body is usually ready for muscle growth. At this point, take this supplement as it will give the body vital growth nutrients, recovery nutrients and glycogen replenishment.


JetMass is also one of the best post workout creatine supplements for muscle growth. This post workout German creatine works on several muscle growth fields such as:

– Expansion of fiber size

– Increment of muscle cell production

– Increment of muscle strength

– High performance recovery time

– Maximize anabolic growth

This creatine supplement is simply the best muscle growth supplement as it touches on all factors that influence muscle growth. It is very powerful and well-dosed anabolic German creatine that works within no time and brings out superb results.

This supplement works in two ways. You are supposed to take JetFuse Nox before training. This supplement will make your muscle get prepared for the most strenuous and insane training. It will prevent your muscles from tearing down or gaining muscle cramps. After training, take JetMass supplement which will help in muscle cell volumization, repair of muscle fiber, and also maximize anabolic growth. These formulas are usually low in carbs and sugar and help a great deal in activities such as bodybuilding, pre-contest, high-output sports as well as martial arts.

JetMass is ideal for the following functions:

· Strength and size

· Anti-catabolic

· Muscle torque

· Recovery

· Intra-workout

· Great tasting

· Waxy maize

· Antioxidants

· Amino acids

· Stimulant free

· Low carbs

· Low sugar

If you require the best post workout creatine supplements for muscle growth, you have a wide range of selection to choose from as all these supplements are high performance and results oriented.

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