Bundles of muscles run all over his body, occasionally being disrupted by threads of veins running here and there. Some call him the monster. The bodybuilding world refers to him as the predator. They know him for all his successes in this fraternity, but very few truly understand who Kai Greene is.

Kai Greene

Kai Greene – The Predator

Leave alone what brought him such success over the years. He was born on July 12th 1975 and currently stands at 1.75m tall. He is an active American IFBB professional bodybuilder who boasts of great success in this field.

Early life
At six years old, he became New York state ward due to a natural problematic home environment. This was the beginning of a decade of foster care between homes. Everything happens for a reason and so it did for him. It was within this period that weight training offered the perfect gate away from the surrounding situation. The urge to make it as a visual artist continued to grow at the same time. it was in his 7th grade that his exponential growth got the attention of his English teacher. Then was when the idea of bodybuilding came up. The desire and enthusiasm to one day make it increased. He started participating in young bodybuilding contests which acted to motivate him. he once came second in the young competition and decided to pack on some muscle and turn professional later.

Where he trains
He chooses to refer to it as his home and institute of competitive education. He spends most of his time in the 5th Avenue Gym working out on to become who he is today. He met some many bodybuilders in this small basement Gym in Brooklyn. They all represented the knowledge he dearly needed to succeed in this field. This saw him pack on some muscle into the monster bodybuilder he currently is. At the age of 19, he went pro.

Professional career
1999 was a year of mixed success for him. He unsuccessful competed in the first heavyweight division but finally won it together with the overall Team Universe title. This earned him an invitation to compete at the world level hosted in Bratislava, Slovakia. Earning a fourth place at that competition left him very disappointed. Something had to be done. He took a 4 year hiatus to pack on muscle and tact needed at the most top level. During this time, he continued taking art lessons as he still trained. The thrill came back again when NPC Team Universe had risen to be a pro-qualifier for the IFBB. With this information, he swore to reclaim and beat existing monsters to the top spot in 2004. He has a enjoyed a multiple success as listed.

Awards and placings

2007 – Shawn Colorado Arm classic: was 1st in Men’s best arms category
2008 – NY Pro: 1st
2008 – Arnold classic: 3rd
2009 – Olympia: 4th
2010 – Arnold classic: 1st
2012 – Mr. Olympia:2nd
2013 – Mr. Olympia: 2nd
2014 – Mr. Olympia: 2nd

Kai Greene is still active despite the numerous awards he has already one. He feels like there is more to achieve. He took the industry by hand and has to make drive him to his height. He still leaves in Jacksonville, Florida an still hits the Gym hard. He looks older though more build nowadays. You will often find him with a towel and a bottle of milkshakes in the 5th Avenue Gym. For him, the bodybuilding world means everything.

Check out a day in the life go Kai Greene in the video below…