Branch Warren is professional American bodybuilder born on February 28, 1975 in Tyler, Texas. He is nicknamed Quadrasaurus The Stump. He lives in Southslake, Texas. He has brown hair and green eyes. He weighs 114 kilograms, a height of 170.18 cm, a waist of 82 cm, neck width of 51 cm and arms width of 53 cm.

He is married to Trish warren (an IFFB professional fitness competitor). They have one daughter, Faith Lea.

He owns a gym and a freight company. He was previously sponsored by Muscletech but currently by Gaspari Nutrition. The bodybuilder believes that his mother is his biggest influence.

In 2011, he was not able to compete in the Mr. Olympia competition because his quadriceps tendon was torn.

His biggest achievement is winning the 2011 and the 2012 Arnold classic competitions. He first participated in the Amateur Athletic union Teenage Mr. America competition and became a winner in the competition.

In his first IFBB competition, he took position eight. The following is a look at details on his training and other insights regarding this bodybuilder.


He combines the techniques of old school heavy iron with a high volume approach which is a unique technique. He usually trains with Johnnie Jackson who is known as the strongest bodybuilder in the world. His exercise routine is aimed at maintaining the form of his muscles and balancing his physique.


He believes that the body’s muscles are built with nutritious foods. He takes lots of protein which are the cornerstone of his muscles. He supplements his diet with carbohydrates which provides enough energy during the workouts. He takes six meals daily including 400 grams of lean protein. His recipe also constitutes green vegetables and fruits.

Competitions he has taken part in;


· Australian pro-took position four.

· Mr. Olympia-took position six.


· Mr. Olympia-took position nine.


· Mr. Olympia-took position five.

· Australian grand prix-took position one.

· Arnold classic-came first.


· British Grand Prx-took position one.

· Arnold classic –took position one.


· Mr. Olympia-took position three.


· Mr. Olympia- took position two.


· New York Pro-took position one


· Mr. Olympia-took position twelve.


· Charlotte pro-took position one.

· Europa Supershow-took position one.

· Mr. Olympia- took position eight.

He also took part in junior completions from 1992 to 2004. He took part in AAU Teen Mr. America competition(1992), NPC Teen Nationals(1993), NPC Teen Nationals(1999), NPC USA championship(2000), NPC Nationals(2001), Night champions(2004), GNC show of strength (2004) where he took position one, one, four, four, three, one, eight, and four respectively.

The bodybuilder works on his shoulders regularly. Warren’s diet is mostly comprised of chicken, potatoes and fish. He takes little steak. He believes that his diet is the major factor behind his best body form. Warren’s wife has mastered the art of preparing fish; his favorite meal.

He takes steroids which are prescribed by a physician to avoid negative side effects; which may result from using these products. He has consistently worked hard to improve and maintain his form. Branch Warren also participated and won many competitions including a great achievement in the 2001 and 2002 Arnold classic competitions; among others. This body builder is indeed a great IFBB professional.