Did you ever hear of CT Fletcher? No? Well, in this case, it now makes sense why he is also known as the strongest man you have never heard of. Yes, he is the strongest on the planet. This is why he developed what the world knows as the CT Fletcher workout, the CT Fletcher Master Plan, and other routines that will get you discover new sizes and strengths of your muscles.

The CT Fletcher chest workout routine is famous, and it deserves to be so. The training is yet another proof that you can get buff without steroids or dangerous supplements. All you need is a healthy diet, ambition and the strength to follow the CT Fletcher workout as commanded!

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CT Fletcher Chest Workout: Don’t Begin Without Preparing!

If you have already seen a workout video, then this warning may sound like one of the CT Fletcher quotes that you have small chances to forget. However, before engaging in the CT Fletcher chest workout, you need to make sure that you have a healthy diet, and don’t consume any supplements that might harm your muscles or the entire body.

Of course, since this is a CT Fletcher workout plan, you also need determination and the will to follow the Iron Addict’s rules.

  • The only supplements you can take are pre-workout supplements, creatine, protein, or multi-vitamins;
  • Protein builds up your muscles, but you also need a solid foundation for the exercises. The CT Fletcher chest routine means over training, but you wouldn’t want to harm your muscles because you did not prepare;
  • Your diet should include fish (daily), spinach, and sweet potatoes, among other healthy food;
  • Last, but not least – choose your mindset! This is based on the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout, which focuses a lot on what you have on your mind while practicing;
  • The CT Fletcher workout routine may seem a little rough, especially if you accompany it with audio. Find the motivation in CT Fletcher’s words and remember that you learn from a world champion!

Warm Up 1: E-Z Bar Preacher Curls

  • Sit on the preacher bench;
  • Grab the E-Z curl bar from a close inner handle (at first, someone can hold the bar for you);
  • Keep your palms facing forward and a bit tilted inward;
  • Breathe in;
  • Lower the bar slowly, until your upper arm extends. You should feel that your biceps in full stretch;
  • Breathe out;
  • Curl the weight up by adding pressure to the biceps, until the bar reaches your shoulder;
  • Squeeze your biceps and hold the position for one second.

Warm Up 2: Cable Curls

  • Stand up and hold the cable curl;
  • Grab the cable bar at your should width, while keeping your elbows close to the torso;
  • Keep your palms facing up;
  • Keep your upper arms still, and curl the weights. Meanwhile, contract your biceps and breathe out;
  • You biceps need to be fully contracted, and the bar should stand at your shoulder level;
  • Keep this position for one second;
  • Bring the curl back to the starting position and breathe in.

Warm Up 3: One Arm Dumbbell

  • Grab a dumbbell with your right arm. Then, place your upper arm on top of the incline/preacher bench;
  • Keep the dumbbell at your shoulder length;
  • Breathe in and lower the dumbbell until you extend your arms fully;
  • Breathe out and curl the weight up to your biceps. You should feel that your biceps muscle is fully contracted once the dumbbell reaches your shoulder;
  • Keep your biceps squeezed for one second
  • When repeating the process, change your arms.

Warm Up 4: Incline Bench Hammer Curls

  • Sit on the incline bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand;
  • Press your back firmly on the bench;
  • Let the dumbbells hang down at your side, as a starting position;
  • Bend your elbow, while keeping the upper part of your arm still;
  • Continue until your reach the top position, and return slowly.

work with dumbbells

Barbell Bench Press (Exercise 1 of the CT Fletcher Chest Workout)

The CT Fletcher chest workout has now begun. Your arm muscles should be ready for the pressure they are about to feel, to ensure that you properly work to obtain the CT Fletcher chest.

  • Lie back on the flat bench, holding the barbell above you, at shoulder length;
  • Lift the bar from the rack, and continue by extending your arms to the fullest;
  • Breathe in and lower the bar slowly;
  • The speed is optimal when you feel pressure in the middle of your chest;
  • Push the bar back, and then breathe out.

This was one rep of this CT Fletcher weight exercise. You should do 20 sets of 1 – 20 reps each. As rest is part of the CT Fletcher workout program, take a 30-second break between the sets.

Flat Barbell Bench Press (Exercise 2 of the CT Fletcher Chest Workout)

This CT Fletcher chest routine involves a trainer by your side, to hold the bar, in case the weight is too large. So, make sure that you don’t begin exercises that may harm you by yourself!

  • Lay on the bench on your back – your eyes should be below the racked bar;
  • Hold your feet firmly steady on the ground;
  • Grip the barbell in a position that is a bit wider than your shoulders, hold the bar securely;
  • Lower the bar until it touches your chest while keeping your wrist perpendicular to the floor;
  • Then, push the bar up until your elbows extend fully;
  • Make sure that you don’t bend or arch your back, or even rise the chest – this is cheating, and a proper CT Fletcher workout does not allow it;
  • Release the grip only when the trainer confirms that he racked the bar.

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press (Exercise 3 of the CT Fletcher Chest Workout)

  • Lie on the flat bench, while holding a dumbbell in each hand, on your thighs, with your palms facing each other;
  • Raise the dumbbells up, until you hold them in front of your shoulders;
  • When they reach your shoulder width, rotate your wrists forward. Make sure that this position creates a 90-degree angle between your upper arm and forearm;
  • Breathe out, and push the dumbbells up;
  • Squeeze your chests muscles, and hold for one second;
  • Bring the dumbbells down slow, making sure that the time that passes is longer than when you raised them.

Smith Bench Press (Exercise 4 of the CT Fletcher Chest Workout)

This is yet another strong part of the CT Fletcher chest workout, so you should make sure that your trainer is closely watching you.

  • Place the smith machine above a flat bench, adding the barbell at a height that you can reach while lying down, with your arms extended;
  • Select your weight and lie on the bench;
  • Use a grip wider than your shoulders to unlock the bar from the rack;
  • Breathe in and drop the bar slowly until it reaches your middle chest;
  • Hold for one second;
  • Breathe out and raise the bar back, pushing it with your chest muscles;
  • Hold for one second.

Of course, once you finish the set, make sure that your trainer locks the bar on the rack.

Push-Ups (Exercise 5 of the CT Fletcher Chest Workout)

Do you think this exercise is easy? Why wouldn’t it be, you might say. Everyone knows how to make a push-up. But this is the CT Fletcher workout program, so when you think that a regular push-up is too easy, you can always try the crucifix push-up.

  • Start from the high plank position, with your hands firm on the ground, under your shoulder;
  • Your toes need to keep your lower half stable, while you keep your back flat, and tighten your abs;
  • Breathe in and begin to lower your body, while you keep your eyes focused in front of you;
  • Hold the position of your muscles while performing the move;
  • Continue until your chest is 1-2 inches above the floor;
  • Breathe out, and return to the starting position.

Incline Barbell Bench Press (Exercise 6 of the CT Fletcher Chest Workout)

  • Adjust the bar and lay on the bench. Hold your fit firmly on the ground, and stay with your back arched;
  • Remove the bar from the rack, and hold the weight above your chest;
  • Breathe in and lower the bar until it reaches your sternum – make sure you only flex your elbows;
  • Touch your torso with the bar;
  • Breathe out and lift the bar to the starting position.

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How & Why the CT Fletcher Chest Workout Works

Have you tried over training your chest? This is all this workout is about. So, don’t choose your sets just so that they will seem easy. They don’t do the work for you, while you sit and watch. Raise the number of reps and sets, to push your limits regularly. Then, you will feel what the CT Fletcher chest workout can do for you.

Your chest muscles can quickly adjust to working out, and they need only a small continuous impulse to begin growing. Make sure that you have a strict schedule, when it comes to your exercise routine, so you won’t be tempted to skip classes.

Also, the warm-up set mostly focuses on your arms. This way, the muscles that support most of the above exercises are already prepared for the next round. Without the warm-up, you will only find yourself unable to perform the exercises correctly or even enduring muscle pain.

When you reach the chest program, you will see that most of the work target your biceps and triceps. Keep this in mind while working out. If you are not sure about the CT Fletcher chest workout and how many reps and sets you should do, you can contact a trainer or even CT Fletcher himself. Who knows? You might discover one of his gyms near you. You might even benefit from a recommendation to purchase one of the CT Fletcher T-shirts that will motivate you during a workout.

A Note of Caution

  • Ok, so you are the Average Joe trying to get buff. However, you should know that this routine is not suitable for beginners. Overtraining has an impact on your muscles, which might get hurt if you begin directly with intense training sessions;
  • Make sure that the doctor confirms you that your body is prepared to start an intense training. Do your analysis and check out also your heart before engaging into such bodybuilding training;
  • Choose your trainer wisely – he needs to be specialized in overtraining. Tell him your intentions and the training that you have chosen. Also, do not do more reps or sets than the trainer has selected for you. This is valid, of course, if the trainer is not CT Fletcher himself.

Taking a Break

This CT Fletcher chest workout aims to take you from Average Joe to Above Buff. So, make sure that you take a picture of yourself before the training, to have full proof of the changes.

This chest routine aims to give you long-term results. But if you ever feel like they are now showing off as fast as you’d like them to be, remember the story of this man. Born in poverty, CT Fletcher drastically changed his life. Do you know the story of CT Fletcher after surgery? Look for it, and get inspiration! Then, remember that the above routine was developed by the strongest man on earth, who won plenty of contests, and has a healthy lifestyle while working for himself and training others!

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