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The Most Effective Triceps Exercises

Triceps don’t usually get the attention they deserve. Officially called the Triceps Brachii, which is Latin for “three headed muscle of the arm”, your tricep makes it possible for you to extend your arm and reach for things. Located at the back of the upper arm and running from the shoulder to the elbow, there’s an out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality when it comes to working out this critical muscle. Perhaps it’s because working your chest and biceps can involve big heavy weights and you can really see what you’re doing and where you are making gains. However, well-developed triceps not only makes you stronger, they add definition to the arm and balance out the strength and mobility of the bicep muscle. Different Approaches for Tricep Exercises You can approach exercises for triceps from two different objectives: building mass or gaining definition. That’s not to say you can’t do or have both, but the way you approach training will be different for each desired outcome. You probably already know that the most effective workouts work complementary body parts, so rather than doing biceps and triceps on the same day, which can exhaust one muscle before you have worked the other, a good combination is chest and tricep workouts on the same day, and then back and biceps on another day. That can help you fully engage each muscle group and work to fatigue in a productive way. Building Mass In Your Triceps If you are looking to build mass, the best triceps exercises will be workouts that use the heaviest weights you can manage and perform the most difficult exercises first. The list exercise that will build the greatest amount of mass in the triceps is relatively short: close-grip presses and dips.  You can add variety to dips by using machines, benches or parallel bars, but remember that the heavier the weight the greater the mass achieved. To build mass start with the exercise that is more challenging for you, and choose a weight that will take you to fatigue in about six to eight reps. Also, try mixing up dips in each set, going from machine to free weights, etc. in rotation. This will help keep you mentally sharp and focused, even when you’re working to muscle failure. You can still achieve mass in your triceps by doing other type of triceps exercises, like skullcrushers or rope pulls, but the greatest size gains will be made with these two primary exercises. Achieving Definition In Your Triceps Definition in the triceps can be achieved using a greater variety of exercises. In addition to dips and close-grip presses, reverse presses (also called skullcrushers,) push downs, triceps extension with a rope, and kickbacks with free weights are all good options. Definition exercises for triceps are generally performed using a lighter weight with higher reps. If working toward a goal of definition, pay close attention to form. Using a weight that is too heavy can engage other muscles to assist. The best definition comes from isolating […]

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Weighted Ab Exercises

Using weights to work your abs can take your six pack to a new dimension. Let’s face it, there are only so many crunches and bicycles you can do to build strength and definition, but throw in some iron to your ab exercises and you’ll transform both your workout and your mindset. If you have a set of kettlebells handy, grab one and get started. And remember, you don’t need a ton of weight to see immediate results. Low weights – as little and 5 to 20 pounds – can help you sculpt an amazing set of chiseled abdominal muscles. Here are 3 of the best weighted ab routines that you can incorporate into your workout. Turkish Get Ups This is the mother ship of weighted abdominal exercises. In fact, it’s really a full body exercise, but the core plays a key role, so it qualifies as an abdominal workout. Form is the key to Turkish Get Ups, so start with a lighter weight than you may want to make sure you’re optimizing form. As your core gets stronger you can increase the weight without sacrificing form. Lying on the floor with a kettlebell at shoulder level, extend the leg opposite the side with the kettlebell. Bend the knee of the working side, and lift the bell weight so your arm is fully extended, perpendicular to the floor. Your opposite arm is extended on the floor at a 45 degree angle.  Roll up on to the elbow of the extended arm, then place your hand on the floor. Using the foot on the working side, engage your core and press up to standing with the kettlebell extended fully above our head. Take a deep breath, exhale, and then lower back to your starting supine position on the floor.  All movement radiates from your abdominals. Your legs and arms are just supporting the weight. Complete 3 sets of 5 reps on each side. Pro tip: If your form is sloppy or you are feeling wobbly, start with no weights and really concentrate on your form. Gradually add weights as your strength and stability improves. Do these in front of a mirror so you can see where you might be coming up short in the form department. Plank Rows Plank rows with kettlebells are like plans on steroids. The trick to these – and to planking in general – is to make sure your abdominals are fully engaged and that you’re not just hanging out in your joints. As with Turkish Get Ups, start with a slightly lower weight than you think you can lift, because again, form is important. With 2 kettlebells, one at each shoulder, come into plank position. Before you do anything position yourself so that you are on your toes with your heels lifted, about 10 to 12 inches between your feet. The wider the stance of your feet, the easier this exercise is. Make sure your wrists are directly under your shoulders.  Now engage your abs and tuck your […]

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ct fletcher weight

CT Fletcher Weight and How He Got So Ripped

Sometimes he is the Superman from Compton. Other times, he’s the strongest man on the planet. However, CT Fletcher has been inspiring people around the world to achieve their fitness and weight lifting goals. One quick look at the man tells you why more and more people are beginning to listen. Yes, there’s no doubt that Fletcher has a truly impressive physique. The CT Fletcher weight is a subject many discuss. Despite being in his 50s, the man is truly ripped and in far better shape than most guys half his age. Still, let’s first understand what makes the CT Fletcher weight lifting exercises so popular and so effective. So, it’s necessary to look deeper into the man’s personal philosophy and how it helped him get so ripped. 5 CT Fletcher Lessons You Should Also Learn 1. Avoiding Steroids When he first decided to get involved in professional weight lifting and bodybuilding competitions, CT did so with the goal of being the greatest bodybuilder around. Of course, he wanted this without having to resort to steroids and drug use. Using steroids goes against everything the CT Fletcher weight lifting program stands for. Instead, the program is all about maximizing your body’s potential in a healthy, natural way. This is rather than resorting to steroids as a shortcut. 2. Never Settling for Average If you’ve watched any of the CT Fletcher weight training videos, you’re probably aware that one of his favorite sayings is f**k average. This mantra is essential for anyone that wants to truly get ripped and make their body stand out. Basically, it means that you’ve got to constantly push yourself to do better. Then, never let yourself become happy or rest on your laurels. Greatness doesn’t come on its own. This means that if you want to be the greatest, you’ve got to put in the work it takes to make it happen. 3. Hours of Hard Work and Gallons of Sweat Becoming ripped doesn’t happen overnight. This is why most CT Fletcher weight training exercises stress the importance of pushing yourself until you can’t go any further. CT is truly a beast in the gym. But, like anyone else, he’s had to put in a huge amount of time and effort to get there. After losing most of his muscle mass following open-heart surgery in 2005, Fletcher spent countless hours in the gym in an effort to build himself back up to where he’s at now. This shows that it’s possible for anyone to get incredibly buff if they’re willing to put in enough blood, sweat and tears in the gym. 4. Living a Healthy Lifestyle Another thing that the CT Fletcher weight training program stresses is the importance of healthy eating. Prior to his heart surgery, CT used to eat whatever he could get his hands on in order to provide his body with the fuel necessary to power through his intense workouts. However, his heart attack definitely taught him the importance of eating a healthy, balanced […]

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ct fletcher working out

Top 8 Best CT Fletcher T-Shirts for the Perfect Workout

CT Fletcher is a strong motivator. His quotes and messages are on many workout T-shirts. These can offer you the motivation and comfort you need when going through inevitable pain in the gym. We came up with a list of the 8 best CT Fletcher T-shirts for the perfect workout. This list ranks the products from highest to lowest with regard to prices. Read on to find out what’s good about the shirts. 1. I command you to Grow – Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt This T-shirt comes in several colors and is specially designed for men of different sizes. It is purely made of cotton. The choice of material makes it ideal for workouts as it is very comfortable. The design of these CT Fletcher t-shirts features the quote I command you to grow, which is what he says to his muscles as he works out. His face is visible between one of the letters. You can get this t-shirt for $33 of from the CT Fletcher website. You can choose sizes from small to XXX large. 2. Fu*k Excuses – CT Fletcher T-shirts This T-shirt is also from 100 percent cotton and is, therefore, a high-quality product. Printing of this shirts is possible using high-performance digital printing technology. All products feature full color and long lasting printing. The images printed are 2-D. You can get men’s and women’s shirts, you can find them according to size. Men’s T-shirts range from small to 5X large size. Women’s products come in sizes between small and 2X large. The shirts are preshrunk to avoid issues with size. These shirts cost $22.99 on eBay. 3. B&LAN Men’s CT Fletcher/Iron Addict Volume II T-Shirt This t-shirt is designed with short sleeves. It has a sharp black color, with the name Iron Addict running across the chest. A drawing of CT Fletcher is put between the two words. The shirt is washable using machines and both women and men can wear it. It comes in three sizes; medium, X large, and XX large. However, you can order a special shirt to suit your specific needs. This shirt is also made of cotton. You can get it on Amazon for $19.99 or from the CT Fletcher website, in the above version. 4. Get yo Ass to the Gym – O-Neck T-shirt This is another one of the CT Fletcher trademark t-shirts. It carries his picture and one of his famous quotes. It is short-sleeved to allow you to show off your muscles. The shirt is also purely made of cotton. You can also order a shirt that suits your needs. The t-shirt is mass-produced in red and black colors. The image is at the center of the t-shirt and is mostly white. Generally, the shirt has an attractive design. The shirt costs between $11 and $13 on Amazon. 5. JOLO Men’s Custom Cotton T-shirt This shirt is also made of cotton and is, consequently, comfortable and high-quality. The product is not preshrunk. So, you might want to choose one size larger than what […]

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ct fletcher quotes

Top 5 CT Fletcher Quotes to Kick Start Your Daily Workout

Are you looking for new motivation for your daily workout? Has it been difficult to keep motivating yourself to get out of bed and do your routine? Do you need to kick it into gear? Read on to get the top five CT Fletcher quotes and learn how you can incorporate them into your workout every day this week. At times we all can feel unmotivated to do exercise — but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in that rut. Sometimes, all you need is a little encouragement from the people who have gone before you — and there is perhaps no better motivation (and entertainment) to kick start your daily workout than to hear from power-lifting champion CT Fletcher. Let’s start pumping some iron! 5. You must become obsessed with obtaining what you are trying to get. You have to be obsessed with it. Among the famous CT Fletcher quotes, this one is a great reminder that you to work for what you want. Becoming a champion didn’t come for CT over night. He had to work at it — and let him tell you: It was grueling to get there. But early on CT developed a mindset of commitment and resiliency. He told himself he wasn’t going to quit until he reached his goals. Every day he brought that mindset to his workout. So, in a way, he did become obsessed with improving, pushing himself harder and higher and meeting his goals. Again, those goals aren’t ever met immediately. However, over time you can get to yours if you develop a similar mindset of becoming focused and commitment. So get obsessed with your workouts! 4. I’m trying to call on all the Gods of power. Hercules, Apollo, Atlas… None of us are as strong, committed, quick or resilient as we want to be or think we are. That’s where we can get defeated in the process of trying to reach an important fitness goal. But when I read these CT Fletcher quotes — and this one in particular — I’m reminded of how important it is to call on the power of those who have gone before you and to channel their power and inspiration to motivate yourself. So for example, in this case, CT is calling about the Greek gods of power and strength. These are mythical gods, of course, but the principle is the same. If they can release insurmountable, all-mighty power and strength — then CT can too. Then you can, too. Get in a habit of thinking you are stronger than you are and going into your workouts pumped up with that thought! YOU are as strong as the gods! 3. For competition, always loop the thumbs around the bar and squeeeeeeeze… Among the most popular CT Fletcher quotes, this one is perhaps the most scary. With this quote, CT is preparing to be in the spotlight and to put on a show of his strength. When all eyes are on him, he is ready […]

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