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Does Creatine Make you Gain Weight?

Before we dive into the question of whether creatine will make you gain weight let’s take a minute to understand just what creatine is and what it does. One of the most popular supplements on the market, Creatine, a naturally occurring amino acid in the body, helps provide energy to the muscles. Used as a supplement, creatine can help you perform better, and longer, because of improved energy. As a supplement, creatine is used to improve strength, build lean muscle mass and aid recovery after a workout. It is believed to be more effective in activities that require short bursts of energy and intensity, like weightlifting, and less effective in endurance type sports such as running. According to some studies, an estimated 40% of college-level athletes and 50% of professional athletes use the supplement as a part of their training regimen. Creatine comes in various forms and formats. You can use it in powder or pill form, or consume it via bars and gummies, making it accessible to almost everyone in their preferred form. It is also available in different concentrations and formulations, such as Creatine Nitrate, which allows for a higher concentration of the substance to be absorbed by the body. Creatine Hydrochloride is taken in smaller doses with less water and is purported to cause less bloating and water retention than other formulations. What Happens When You Use Creatine? One of the most common side effects of taking creatine is bloating and water retention. This can make you feel, and sometimes look, fat. Remember, water weight is not permanent, and it certainly isn’t fat, which is much harder to reduce or eliminate. Taken as a supplement, creatine nitrate will provide greater muscular energy, which in turn should lead to better performance and, as a result, gains in the gym. As you get stronger you can lift more and build more muscle, which is the kind of weight that you want to be gaining. When Should You Take Creatine? Creatine Monohydrate is the most widely used formulation of the supplement. It is less expensive than other more complex formulations and is usually mixed with water and consumed in liquid format. Most athletes who are looking for good results use the supplement both before and after a workout. Some trainers suggest that certain formulations of the supplement should be taken in a “loading phase” for about a week to build up the body’s stores.  After the loading period, creatine can be incorporated into your performance routine.  While there is no ideal schedule for consumption, many athletes supplement about half an hour to one hour before working out, and then immediately after training as part of the refueling/replenishing routine. Because your natural creatine levels can get depleted easily with regular high-intensity training, supplementing regularly to maximize muscle building and energy is recommended. Which Form of Creatine Works Best? Which form of creatine you use as a supplement really depends on your particular physicality and training regimen. Muscletech brand creatine, which can be […]

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Top 3 Men’s Health Supplements Free Trial Options to Look out for

There are many important factors to consider when picking the best fitness supplements. Some factors to consider include cost, ingredient quality, and overall effectiveness. One of the best ways to evaluate a product is to take advantage of a free trial offer. This article is going to explore three men’s health supplements free trial options worth trying today. We will list them according to their popularity and give you a bit of information about each supplement. We will also briefly cover the main pros and cons of each product as well. 1: VolcaNO VolcaNO is our top men’s health supplements free trial pick. It includes a variety of popular ingredients like creatine that make it the best pre workout supplement for men. The main idea behind this product is that it functions as a powerful vasodilator that can help deliver blood to your muscles for enhanced recovery. The trial period is for 14 days and only cost $4.95 shipping. After that, your card will automatically be billed $69.99 plus shipping for each month that you remain enrolled in their VIP program. Pros Creatine HCI: The inclusion of creatine HCI is one of the primary reasons this product is our top men’s health supplements free trial pick. It is absorbed much easier than many other creatine products. Easy Cancellation Policy: The introductory offer is very easy to cancel when your trial period ends. Simply contact customer service at 1-877-492-7243 at least one day prior to your order shipment date. No Stimulants: VolcaNO is a very effective supplement that doesn’t use any stimulants. This helps reduce the likelihood of side effects like an upset stomach. Cons Shipping Fee: One major drawback is that you are responsible for shipping with this trial offer. Flushed Feeling: While this supplement does not have stimulants, it does have powerful vasodilators that can cause flushing especially for people with conditions like Rosacea. Lack of Vitamins: The only vitamin ingredient listed is vitamin B6. Many other supplement choices include important vitamins and minerals. 2: Nuzest No workout routine and supplement regimen would be complete without a high-quality protein source. This is why Nuzest is our men’s health supplements free trial pick for this particular category. Not all proteins are created equal, and that is something you will quickly realize with this specific brand. Each serving is only 90 calories and offers 21 grams of protein. With a wide selection of flavors like vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and strawberry, you are sure to find the perfect match to suit your tastes. The free trial is for one package and doesn’t require any commitments. A 10-pack will cost you approximately $35 plus shipping. Pros Gluten and Soy Free: One of the best things about this product is that it is completely free of gluten and soy. It also doesn’t utilize any artificial preservatives. Low-Calorie Count: With 21 grams of protein for only 90 calories, this is an excellent protein supplement for those who are watching their total daily caloric intake. No […]

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Here Are the 6 Best Workout Supplements for Men

Workout and muscle building enthusiasts thrive on nutrients that allow them to push themselves to the limit and maximize their routines. For that reason, the best workout supplements for men have become hugely popular among young athletes over the last few decades. Today, there is a huge variety of products that claim to be able to increase a man’s stamina levels, exercise power, and muscle mass. However, because there are so many similar workout supplements in the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. With that in mind, we have rounded up the six best workout supplements for men available today. *The following products are listed by price, from the most affordable to the most expensive one. 1. MuscleTech Anarchy   The sheer explosiveness of this pre workout supplement lands it among the best workout supplements for men. Its unique combination of ingredients delivers a boost of energy, physical strength, and mental focus. Being the only pre workout supplement that features choline bitartrate, Scutellaria, and Rhodiola, it enhances and stabilizes your mood, helping you get in the zone for an extreme workout. Ingredients #1. Choline Bitartrate Although naturally produced by the body in a small amount, this compound helps enhance athletic performance when consumed in foods or as a dietary supplement. #2. Beta-Alanine The building block of carnosine, this substance helps improve physical performance within the 60–240-second range. #3. D-Ribose This five-carbon sugar is used by the body to make energy, improving endurance and reducing fatigue. #4. Rhodiola Extract This substance has been used for millennia by some civilizations. It helps improve both physical and mental performance. It also helps regulate the heartbeat and blood pressure. #5. Scutellaria Extract Not used by any other mens workout supplements in the market, this substance is said to rebalance one’s cholesterol level and blood pressure. Advantages Its unique ingredients (Scutellaria and Rhodiola) make it stand out among the best workout supplements for men. It helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. It contains natural nutrients derived from milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil and tree nuts. Disadvantages Its thick, somewhat lumpy texture may be off-putting to some customers. Price: $19.97. 2. Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout Supplement   One of the best supplements out there, this product features both a proprietary blend of stimulant substances and NO3-T creatine nitrate for optimized muscle gain. At the same time, in order to deliver extra pumping power, it has a good amount of the novel agent agmatine sulfate. Although other products feature similar ingredients, Pro Supps Mr. Hyde stands among the best workout supplements for men because of the effectiveness and balance of its formula. Ingredients #1. Carnosyn Beta-Alanine Like most of the best workout supplements for men, this product features the kind of amino acids that help your body build muscle. #2. NO3-T Creatine Nitrate This type of creatine is more soluble than others. Some studies suggest that, due to this property, it is easier absorbed by the […]

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Why Should You Include the Best Supplements in Your Workout Routine?

You probably know that exercise – both strength and cardiovascular – has plenty of health benefits, but did you know that adding a few carefully-selected supplements can amplify the results and benefits your exercise routine gives you? Some supplements won’t give you much benefit, but others can drastically improve your results. Below, we’ll investigate why you should include the best supplements in your routine. 1: The Right Protein Supplement Supports Muscle Gain Whey protein is one of the most important supplements for anyone looking to get stronger, gain muscle, or both. While some people opt to get all of their protein from whole foods, it can be difficult to eat enough food to support muscle growth. Research has indicated that protein supplementation helps athletes build muscle more efficiently. Whey protein absorbs quickly, so it is commonly taken after resistance training in order to facilitate muscle repair. While whey is arguably one of the best supplements for athletes, casein also is helpful for supporting muscle gain. Casein digests slowly, so it provides a sustained release of amino acids. It is commonly taken at night. 2: A Good Pre-Workout Helps You Train Harder The best pre workout supplement for men is one that helps prepare you both mentally and physically for a workout. It may take some experimentation to determine which ingredients work best for you. Still, generally speaking, the best fitness supplements for pre-workout use include a nitric oxide support supplement and a stimulant. If you find a pre workout supplement that works well, it can help you feel charged up before working out. Then you’ll be able to exercise harder, which likely will bring you improved results. 3: Creatine Increases Cellular Energy and Mental Focus When it comes to the best supplements for athletes, many of them contain creatine. This is because it can regenerate ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the body’s major source of cellular energy. Creatine also may help improve mental focus and drive, which will help you remain motivated throughout your workout. 4: The Right Recovery Supplements Combat Soreness and Get You Back in the Gym Faster Many people in search of the best supplements focus more on the pre workout phase, but recovery-focused supplementation will reduce soreness, improve results, and let you get back in the gym faster. One effective recovery supplement is ZMA, a combination of zinc and magnesium. These minerals support muscle recovery, keep testosterone levels high, and support sleep, which is essential for recovery and optimal muscle growth. Some lifters also supplement with glutamine. This is an amino acid that is especially good for reducing soreness. Some protein supplements may already have enough glutamine, but if you find yourself regularly dealing with soreness, a quality glutamine supplement may help reduce the amount of soreness you deal with. Summing It Up There are many schools of thought on the necessity of supplements, but many athletes agree that choosing the best supplements for you will often yield impressive results. If you’re looking to develop your physique, improve […]

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Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped and How It Works

Building muscle is not an easy thing to do. Apart from great discipline and effort, it takes a lot of time working out to burn fat and grow muscle. For that reason, many muscle building enthusiasts try to both optimize and maximize their routines by taking workout supplements for men. STOP WORKING OUT!! You’ll Hurt Yourself Without Pre Workout Supplements Click here to restore muscle tissue and prepare your body for intense training. This review will focus on Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped, a pro performance supplement that promises to greatly improve your workout performance. Ingredient Profile of Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped & The Benefits These Ingredients Provide Boasting a formula that is a proprietary blend of nine unique ingredients, Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped has a comprehensive and complete ingredient profile. In various published clinical studies, all these ingredients have been proven to improve muscle growth and recovery. Moreover, they increase testosterone levels and energy. Up next in our review is a small description of the most important of this product‘s ingredients. 1: Creatine HCL This special type of creatine salt is easily absorbed by the body, helping it create muscle while augmenting its testosterone levels in a natural way. 2: Whey Protein Isolate Created by separating components from milk, this easily-digestible supplement helps the body return from a catabolic state to an anabolic one. Additionally, it helps the body build muscle using less energy 3: Amino Acid Complex Put simply, amino acids are the building blocks of life. In turn, amino acid complexes help your body turn protein into muscle faster and more efficiently. At the same time, the amino acid complex has been proven to burn fat faster as well. 4: Leucine Often referred to as the main amino acid, leucine helps build muscle faster and more effectively. 5: Carnitine Helping the body metabolize energy and recover from exercise faster, carnitine is often used to help potentiate and maximize workouts. 6: Green Coffee Bean Extract Because it contains a substance called chlorogenic acid, green coffee bean extract has been shown to have fat burning and weight loss effects. 7: Digestive Enzymes These elements help the body absorb the nutrients it needs; digestive enzymes play a huge role in obtaining energy and increasing vitality. Taste and Mixing Abilities of Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped Being able to be mixed with anything from water to almond milk, Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped is easy and quick to consume. Although the result can be slightly pasty, it is easy to drink enough to be gulped down quickly before a workout. The biggest problem with this product seems to be its cocoa flavor. Many reviewers have qualified it as strange, unpleasant and gritty. However, most users who have had experience with workout supplements find the taste is not as bad once you get used to it. Advantages of Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Ripped 1: It Helps the Body Build Muscle Due to the generous percentage of whey protein isolate and creatine […]

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