Meet Mr Spruce.

He has a six pack you’d be jealous of…

mr spruce

Yet he’s 97 pounds overweight. Does NO abs training. 

And his daily exercise is climbing 15 stairs up to his bedroom twice a day.

Find that hard to believe? (In a sec you’ll see photo evidence)

And then I’ll show you exactly why you’re struggling to flatten your belly and get that diamond-cut 6-pack you so badly desire and deserve.

Without doing ANY abs training or boring cardio…

Infomercials, Ab Rollers, Rockers And More Bullshit…

There’s a huge misconception about abs. Most people still believe you need to smash your abs at every workout, do heaps of cardio and eat a low fat diet if you ever want to see that 6 pack.

Thing is, you don’t need ANY of these things to get abs. 

I love seeing those infomercials where they have the models with chiselled abs doing crunches on the latest Ab Twister, Rocker, Roller (or whatever) like it’s what they did to get those abs.

Ab Rocket Twister Yet we all know they never used that machine other than when filming that very commercial. And there’s a reason for that.

Before I reveal what that is, let’s talk about the reasons why most people who can’t seem to get abs, struggle so much to get past this sticking point. While others seem to have no problem getting solid abs.

Are You Making These 3 Surprising Abs Training Mistakes?

You get to the gym and do some cardio, then some crunches. Then more cardio and some other kind of abs training. More crunches, more cardio. Then you go home and cut out most the fat in your diet and reduce the carbs.

That’s what most people do. Yet the results never show themselves or are so slow you get frustrated.

So you work HARDER. And do more of the same.

Until you get frustrated and give up.

So, what are you doing wrong?

The simple answer is you’ve probably fallen for one or more of the following Abs myths.

Abs Myth #1: To Get Abs You Need To… Train Your Abs… Right?


I know this can be hard to swallow, but to get abs you don’t actually need ANY abs training.

Let me go back to our buddy Mr Spruce. He’s 97 pounds overweight and has a great set of abs.

Like this guy:

abdominal workouts

Things is… you won’t see Sprucy’s abs unless you used an x-ray that looked under all that the fat.

diamond cut abs

The reality is that under all the fat, even someone 97 pounds overweight looks something like this:

abdominal muscles

Including our friend Mr Spruce.

So the trick to getting a 6 pack FAST is this.

Shred the fat. 

The abs are already there.

That’s it. No crunches. No sit ups. No isolated abs training at all. 

And believe it or not every time you lift a bar, do a burpie, throw a medicine ball or do any kind of free weights, you’re already working your abs (assuming you have proper form).

Some people still believe that isolated abs training burns the fat around their waistline. Yet spot reduction was disproved a long time ago. You can’t burn fat from specific regions of your body. Fat doesn’t discriminate. It either comes off everywhere, or nowhere at all.

That’s why those crappy Ab Rockers don’t work.

Sure, everyone carries fat in different areas of their body but that’s just genetics, you can’t change that. No exercise in the world will change that.

Having said all that, abs training still does have it’s place. You’ll be able to expose the abs you already have without abs training. That will get you abs. Even very nice ones if you lift free weights.

However to achieve these kind of abs: 

how to get diamond cut abs

You’ll need to work them bad boys out.

But you need to know exactly when and what kind of abs training to do.

Most protocols you see these days either work the abs WAY to hard, or use exercises that really aren’t effective at all.

Bottom line: If you’re making any of the above mistakes you need to STOP now.

Abs Myth #2: To Reveal Your Abs, You Need To Burn The Fat With Cardio.

Again. A complete myth.

We need to move away from the idea about staying in the “fat burning zone” to burn maximal fat.

Unless you’re a body builder competing in the next few weeks, getting into the fat burning zone will do you no good. Competitive bodybuilders have reasons for doing long-slow cardio. And they only do it at certain times before competitions.

Trust me, you don’t need it. 

All you’re doing is wasting valuable time and will power. Time and willpower that can be used for something more effective.

What you need is to trigger your hormones with very specific full body exercises. These will elicit a much better metabolic response and increase your fat-burning hormone levels as well.

For a step by step plan on how to boost your metabolic response and get diamond-cut abs FAST Download my 1 page cheat sheet 100% FREE:

The 10 Simple Steps To Diamond Cut Abs In No Time Flat.

Another mistake people make is focusing on ‘calories burned’ during a workout. Instead you need to focus on varied intensities of training, varying between higher and lower exertion levels throughout the session.

This will reap the highest metabolic response and will drastically accelerate your results.

Myth #3: “Low Fat” Or “Low Carb” Diets Will Give You Abs… 

Unless you want to lose all your hard earned muscle mass, low carbs diets are bad news.

And believe it or not, your body NEEDS fats. A lot more than you imagine.

So going low fat or low carb is a mistake. You don’t need to go “low” or “high” in anything.

Balance is the key.

You need plenty of good fats (nuts, healthy grass-fed beef, organic chicken) and plenty of fibrous carbs (vegetables are the best).

Try to eat carbs with at least 2 grams of fiber per 10 grams of total carbs. The fiber will fill you up more and will slow down the glycaemic response of your meal.

And stay away from processed foods, sugar and trans fats. These are bad news for your abs… and health.

For a complete list of the foods you need to stay away from you can steal my 1 page cheat sheet.

The irony? In most cases eating more fat and carbs is exactly what you need to see your abs come out faster.

But you would already know all this if you just downloaded my free cheat sheet

So What’s The Secret To Diamond Cut Abs?

To get those diamond-cut abs you so badly desire and deserve, you need to flip everything on it’s head.

You need to do things completely differently to how you’ve been doing them until now.

You’ve already proven that the approach you’ve been taking is not working.

So, if you’re sick and tired of working your arse off with minimal results at best, I have some amazing news for you.

I’ve created the ultimate 1 page cheat sheet called “The 10 Simple Steps To Diamond Cut Abs In No Time Flat”.

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The 10 Simple Steps To Diamond Cut Abs In No Time Flat.

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The stuff works.

This 10 step plan is one of the surest and easiest ways to get a flat, attractive belly and 6 pack abs that you could do the washing on faster and without strict, complicated diets OR having to smash your mid section in the gym everyday.

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