Prison workouts are famous for getting you positively ripped in a short amount of time. Luckily, you don’t have to experience life behind bars to enjoy the benefits of these workouts. Thanks to the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout, you can quickly be on your way to developing gargantuan arms. Just like the Superman from Compton himself. Through his arms training workout, CT shows that with enough sweat, pain and swearing, anyone can make their arms absolutely ripped.

The CT Fletcher penitentiary workout is most definitely hardcore, intense and not for the faint of heart. However, it guarantees to provide the results you’re after. If you’re looking to get big, buff arms, all you need to do is follow the steps listed below. Then, enjoy the benefits of a true jailhouse workout routine.

ct fletcher penitentiary workout

What to Know Before the Workout

CT Fletcher is famous for his f*ck average training approach. It basically means that you need to prepare to push yourself to the limits to become the best. This attitude influences the way that he designs his workouts. Therefore, you need to prepare to put your biceps and triceps through excruciating pain by pushing yourself to the limit.

There is no such thing as a set amount of reps with most of CT’s workouts. Instead, the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout all about doing as many reps of each exercise as you can until you can’t possibly do any more. CT also doesn’t believe in stopping to take a res. You’re meant to move straight onto the next exercise as soon as your workout partner finishes their reps.

9 CT Fletcher Penitentiary Workout Exercises to Torture Your Muscles

Through a series of nine intense and excruciating arm exercises, the penitentiary workout guarantees to leave your muscles burning and in pure agony. However, the results will be well worth it in the end. Each exercise is specially chosen to give your biceps and triceps the ultimate workout. So, it will eventually result in truly massive arms.

1. Triceps Cable Push-Downs

  • Before getting into the real heavy lifting, you’ll start off by doing a 200-rep warm-up.
  • Begin with 100 triceps extensions.
  • You’re meant to do 10 sets of 10 reps each with your workout partner arbitrarily choosing a different weight for each set to help keep you on your toes.

2. Standing Biceps Cable Curls

  • After 10 sets of triceps extensions, the warm-up continues with an additional 100 cable curls in 10-rep sets.
  • Again, your workout partner should change up the weights in between each set. This is to ensure you don’t try to go easy on yourself.

3. One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls

Now that your muscles are warmed up, the real workout starts with one-arm preacher curls. Designed to fully isolate your biceps, these dumbbell preacher curls will quickly make your muscles start to scream.

However, the key is not to quit at the first sign of pain. Instead, push through it by doing as many reps as you possibly can before finally switch to the other arm.

4. Seated Triceps Press (French Curls)

There is nothing that feels very French about French curls. Except maybe the fact that they will quickly make you feel like surrendering.

  • With these curls, you’ll use both hands to firmly grip a heavy dumbbell behind your head.
  • Then, lower the weight towards the ground until your forearms are parallel with the floor.
  • Use your triceps to heave the weight back up above your head.
  • Repeat as many times as you can until your arms feel like they’re going to fall off.

5. Inner Biceps T-Curls

Now it’s time to work on your inner biceps with T-curls. These are essentially a combination of dumbbell and hammer curls.

  • With this exercise, take a dumbbell in each arm and extend your arms out to each side to form a T-pattern.
  • Now curl the dumbbells up so that your arms are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Make sure you keep the weights and your arms in a T-pattern as you move the weights up and back down.
  • Again, keep going and do as many reps as you possibly can.

6. Triceps Dumbbell Kickbacks

You might be initially glad to know that you’re only supposed to do 40 reps per arm with this exercise set. However, you might also be tempted to claim failure long before reaching the required reps. But it’s important to keep pushing.

  • This set starts off with 20 cross-body kickbacks.
  • Then, move to 20 standard triceps kickbacks.

7. Chin-Ups

Prisoners are famous for doing chin-ups. This is why the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout includes plenty of them—30 to be exact.

  • With your palms facing you, start off by doing 10 chin-ups with a normal grip.
  • After this, do 10 more with a wide grip.
  • Continue by doing 10 with a narrow grip.

8. Body Weight Triceps Extensions

If you’ve been fortunate to make it this far though, this exercise might just end things for you a bit prematurely.

  • Grab hold of a fixed bar so that your body extends at an incline out behind you.
  • Now, dip yourself down and lean in under the bar using your body weight to flex your triceps.
  • Hold this position for as long as you can.
  • Pull yourself back up.
  • Repeat the extension as many times as possible.

9. Triceps Gauntlet

The dreaded triceps gauntlet is the finale, and what a fitting finale it is. The triceps gauntlet involves five sets of dumbbells that go up in weight.

  • Starting off with the lightest weights, do 20 double-arm overhead dumbbell extensions (so-called skull crushers).
  • Move on to the next sets of weights until you’ve done a total of 100 reps. With this exercise, the goal is to go as quickly as you can without letting the weights ever rest on the ground.
  • You’ll definitely be ready to call it quits once you’ve finally finished the 100 reps. But unfortunately, you’re not quite done yet.
  • Instead, you’ll now need to do an additional 100 reps in reverse order from the heaviest weights to the lightest.

Why It Works?

The CT Fletcher Penitentiary Workout works well on so many different levels, making it a truly killer arm workout. For starters, the fact that it includes so many variations of triceps and biceps exercises means that it focuses on working out all of your arm muscles in a number of different ways.

However, the biggest benefit lies in the lack of a specific number of reps. In this way, the workout is designed to make you continually push yourself further and further with each successive workout. This way, you ensure that you see quick improvement and truly noticeable results.

Cooling Down

Even reading about the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout is enough to make your arms start aching. There is no doubt you’ll be fully deserving of a much-needed rest when it’s all finally over.

Still, if you’re looking for killer arms, you definitely need to give the penitentiary workout a try. Simply put, there are few, if any, other arm workouts that are more intense or more effective.