How to Get Ripped Fast

Last updated:  September 14th 2016.  Naturally every dude wishes to have an athletic physique, and some stop at nothing to achieve this. However, this is not always a simple as some individuals would like to believe as there are diverse factors that come into play to have a ripped body. These include the workout regimen you integrate in your life, your genes and also your distinct diet.Ideally being ripped means having a low body fat content that is proportional to your distinct weight. Unlike what some individuals believe, being buff doesn’t mean drastically losing weight, and the trick lies in finding the appropriate balance between the level of your body fat and weight. Most fitness gurus assert that anything less than 7% body fat is the ideal definition of being buff. The following are tried and tested strategies on getting ripped and how to get 6 pack abs fast.

getting rippedWatch what you eatIt has been firmly established that your eating habits play a fundamental role in shedding off the excess fat on your body. As the energy balance equation would have it, eating fewer calories than your metabolism can burn leads to weight loss. While eating more calories than your metabolism can burn lead to weight gain (which is usually stored as fat deposits on specific parts of your body. Naturally fats are very difficult to shed off and if you want to achieve a ripped body you will have to watch what you eat.The best way of doing this is by creating a nutritional spreadsheet, which will enable you to regulate your calories intake. Such an analysis should comprise of the exact amount of calories you consume and a macronutrient breakdown of all the meals and snacks you eat ( i.e. the percentage of proteins, carbohydrates and fats).One of thing you should always bear in mind is the fact that not everyone’s metabolism is the same, which is largely attributed to the genetics. Some individuals can effectively lose body fat on a low carbohydrate, high fat diet while others can do so on a moderate carbohydrates, low high fat diet. Counting your calories can be the best way to ascertain just what balance is suitable for your distinct metabolism to shed body fat quickly.

Take the right supplements

You won’t be getting ripped muscle quickly without a little help of a testosterone booster.  This will increase the blood flow to muscles during workouts as well as raise your testosterone level count which both lead to bigger muscle, faster.

With that being said, here is a quick list of the top 5 available.

[table id=MS responsive=scroll /]Focus on strength workout regimensAs most people would know the exercises that you integrate in your body fat losing strategy also plays a significant role in achieving the physique you desire in a quick manner. For the most part you should focus on strength workouts such as power lifting, circuit workouts, body weight lifting and so on. These exercises have been proven to assist in giving your large muscle groups a total workout, which goes a long way in stimulating muscle growth and more importantly their definition. Strength training coupled with ample protein intake can help you to retain your muscles and effectively shed off body fat in a remarkably short time.The truth about carbohydrates and fats Carbohydrates and fats play a very integral role in the proper functioning of your body. Unlike most urban myths surrounding getting an athletic physique, abstaining from these two kinds of foods is not the right approach when it comes to how to get ripped fast. Carbohydrates for one, are responsible for the effective functionality of most of your body’s systems such as the central nervous system. Abstaining completely from carbohydrates will throw your body’s metabolism in dishevel, leaving you feeling tired and even hungry. Fats on the other hand, are also important for proper metabolism, particularly when it comes to the functionality of muscle supporting hormones such as testosterone. The trick once again lies in striking the right balance when it to the amounts of carbohydrates and fats you should eat for you to get buffed quickly. It is important to emphasize like earlier mentioned, you body’s response to the food you eat is unique and not the same with others. Some individuals can control hunger and calories intake by integrating a high carbohydrates diet while others have to opt for a low carbohydrates diet. You will have to balance not consuming too much carbohydrates and fats and also avoid a diet that can cause muscle loss. The latter can occur when you adopt a low carbohydrates diet, which forces your metabolism to burn muscles to provide the body with the energy it needs.