CT Fletcher is among the most famous and successful powerlifters in the world. He even developed his unique approach on exercises – the CT Fletcher workout style. According to him, his greatest accomplishment was attempting to lift 705 pounds in a public competition. However, he did this without having to use drugs. Even though he failed, he has still grown into an inspiration for people who want to gain mass and strength authentically. His methods involve nothing but arduous work. Having gone through an open-heart surgery because of a poor past diet, he now recommends a healthy diet for bodybuilders.

Using the CT Fletcher workout routine, you can achieve your bodybuilding goals without desperately buying unhealthy drugs. So, what does the CT Fletcher workout involve? Let’s find out.

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Before the CT Fletcher Workout

It is essential to note some critical points about the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout, as he calls it. First, unlike most workout routines, this one does not involve targeting a maximum number of reps. Instead, he suggests that you work out to your maximum potential. Then, you need to do 10 more after that. The workout is sure to involve a lot of pain, so you better be ready for that.

With these workouts, it is recommended that you follow a strict diet composed of:

  • 50 percent protein;
  • Approximately 40 percent carbohydrates;
  • 10 percent fat.

The food isn’t meant to taste good. So, be sure to follow Fletcher’s advice and focus on the results of the diet.

Are You Ready for the 8 Power Exercises?

1 Triceps Push-down

This strength workout is meant to build your triceps. It involves the use of a bar that is attached to a high pulley. You can use an E-Z bar or a V-angled bar instead of a straight one. The type of bar you use will have an impact on your comfort during the workouts. For beginners, CT Fletcher recommends at least 10 sets and 10 reps. Follow these steps for optimal results:

  • Grab the bar at shoulder width with your palms facing down. Your upper arms should be perpendicular to the floor and very close to your upper body. For this workout, only your forearm should move.
  • Then, slightly incline forward and hold your torso straight.
  • Push the bar down till it touches the front of your thighs. At this point, your arms should be extended fully and perpendicular to the floor.
  • After a second, slowly return the bar to the starting position as you inhale.
  • Do at least 10 reps and 10 sets. At most, work till your body fails.

2. Incline Hammer Curls

This workout targets your biceps. It will require the use of a dumbbell. Follow these steps:

  • Get two dumbbells and find a comfortable position on an incline bench. Push your legs against the bench.
  • Hung a dumbbell on each of your sides, holding without a very strong grip.
  • Movement should occur on the elbow. Also, your upper arms should be in a stationary position throughout the exercise.
  • Move till you get to the top position. Hold for a second then slowly return to the starting point.
  • With dumbbells, you should do as many reps and sets as possible.

3. One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

This is part of the CT Fletcher arm workout routine. For optimal results, follow this procedure:

  • Hold a dumbbell in one of your arms at shoulder length. Your upper arm should be at the top of the preacher or incline bench.
  • Lower the dumbbell as you inhale. At the final position, your biceps should completely stretch out.
  • Raise the dumbbell as you contract the biceps. Your small finger should be higher than the thumb for a full contraction.
  • Repeat the above steps for two reps. Once you reach this point, switch arms and do two reps.
  • Do as many sets of this workout as possible as per CT Fletcher’s recommendations.
  • You can take 5 to 10 second rests in between the sets to enable you to perform at your peak.


4. EZ Bar Preacher Curls

This workout requires the use of an EZ bar and a preacher bench. It involves these steps:

  • Hold the bar at the close inner handle or hold it from the front bar rest. The second option is not available with all preacher benches. Another alternative is for someone to hand you the bar once you are in the proper position.
  • Your chest should press against the bench, and the upper arm on the preacher bench pads. Then hold the curl bar at shoulder length.
  • Lower the bar slowly until your biceps fully stretch.
  • Once you get to the lowest position, hold for a second. Then, slowly start raising the bar back to the starting point. When contracting the biceps, make sure you squeeze them hard.
  • Repeat this for as many times as possible.

5. Incline Inner Biceps Curl

For this workout, you need to hold a dumbbell in each hand and get a comfortable position on an incline bench. Hold the dumbbells at arm’s length. Also, have them hung by your sides. Then follow these steps:

  • Breathe out as you curl the weight of the dumbbells upwards and outwards. Keep your forearms in proper position with respect to your side deltoids.
  • At the final position, the dumbbells should be at the side of your deltoids and at the height of your shoulders.
  • Lower the dumbbells through the same path in slow movements. Bring them to the original position.
  • Do two sets and as many reps as you can.

6. Triceps Dumbbell Kickback

Again, you will need dumbbells for this CT Fletcher workout. Follow these procedures:

  • Have your palms face your torso and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Your torso should always be positioned parallel to the floor. Slightly bend your waist and knees but not your back.
  • Keep your upper arms parallel to the floor and close to your torso. In the starting position, your upper arms and forearms should be at a 90-degree angle.
  • Move your forearms and lift the dumbbells till your arms fully extended. Your upper arms should not move through the entire workout.
  • Lower the dumbbells slowly to the original position while inhaling.
  • Do 2 sets and 40 reps per arm.

7. Chin Up

This workout is meant to build your lats. These are muscles located down the back. The procedure involves these steps:

  • Hold the pull-up bar with your palms. Make sure the distance is less than the width of your shoulders.
  • Make a curve on your lower back, and at the same time, bring out your chest. To minimize potential injury to the back, make sure you keep your torso straight throughout the workout.
  • Pull your torso up till your head gets to the level of the pull-up bar. Keep elbows close to the body as you do this. Your forearms should stay stationary; only the biceps should be used for movement.
  • Breathe in as you lower your torso back to the starting point.
  • Beginners can consider using pull-up assist machines. Do as many reps and sets as your body can handle.

8. Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extension

For this workout, follow these steps:

  • Lie down on the decline bench, and hold two dumbbells with both hands. These should be placed on your thighs. Your legs should be held tight.
  • Move the dumbbells in front of you with palms facing each other. Your arms should be perpendicular to each other and should fully extend in the starting position.
  • Breathe in as you lower the dumbbells slowly. Move your arms till your thumbs are adjacent to your ears.
  • Contract your triceps as you lift the dumbbells back to the starting position. Breathe out as you do this.
  • Do 20 reps and a single set.

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Why It Works

At over 50 years, CT Fletcher swears by his workout routine. Moreover, the CT Fletcher workout options focus on the biceps. One reason for the efficiency of the workouts is that they are centered on arduous work.

Therefore, you must spend time in the gym and work your muscles to the point of extreme pain and failure. In addition, it incorporates a healthy diet that is mainly composed of protein and carbohydrates.

Wrapping Up the CT Fletcher Workout

The CT Fletcher chest workout and arm exercises are highly effective as anyone can tell from Fletcher’s body. You can make use of these workout routines to build your body and strength. So it is important to mentally prepare for a tough workout routine as easy methods are highly discouraged. The CT Fletcher workout routine includes excessive amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Also, fats are kept at only 10 percent of the entire daily intake. This is meant to keep your body energetic enough to perform as many reps as possible. The high amount of protein will allow you to build up muscle, as it is the source of the necessary tissue.

With the CT Fletcher workout, you will need to perform as many workouts as possible with very short breaks in between the sets. This is how he could grow to become one of the strongest men on the planet. So, start the CT Fletcher workouts today and you will also be able to increase your mass and strength!