O.k – so you want to pack on muscle.

You’ve been going to the gym but you have nothing to show for all your hard work.

You feel that no matter how hard you try your genetics are holding you back and your’e destined to stay the skinny guy that you’ve always been.

I know the feeling, when I was 18 years old I was painfully thin, and when your 6 foot 6 inches tall… it’s not a good look!

build the muscle

That’s me on the far left with my brothers and dad on Vacation in Spain

I followed every workout program in every bodybuilding magazine, I followed the diet advice from all the top experts and I spent far too much time trying to figure stuff out on my own.

I was just about to give up on my dream of getting big and buff when I met a bloke in the gym called Baz.

Baz was your typical gym junkie, he lived and breathed lifting… an ex-champion bodybuilder he certainly knew his stuff – and luckily… he took a liking to me.

For the next 6 months Baz became my training partner, good friend and mentor.

During my time training with Baz I transformed and morphed into a newer, better and bigger version of myself… and I liked it – a lot!

In 6 months I went from a being 209 pound weakling to a 286 pound bar bending machine.

You see there’s a certain amount of confidence and assurance that comes with being big and strong… and I was hooked.

So for the last 19 years of my life I have continued my love of lifting and being a bigger, stronger, better version of myself.

And I do it without steroids, growth hormones or any other nasty stuff because although I want to be big and strong… first and foremost I want to be healthy.

Unfortunately I lost touch with Baz, he moved to another state and time soon passed by as it does… but if you’re reading this blog Baz I’d like to thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and help me transform my physique and setting me off on the right path.

And for you the reader, I’d like to pass on my knowledge to you so that you too can achieve your muscle building goals.

Looking forward to helping you become, bigger and stronger.

Dan Clay

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