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Even the ‘Average Joe’ Can Get Buff with This CT Fletcher Chest Workout

Did you ever hear of CT Fletcher? No? Well, in this case, it now makes sense why he is also known as the strongest man you have never heard of. Yes, he is the strongest on the planet. This is why he developed what the world knows as the CT Fletcher workout, the CT Fletcher Master Plan, and other routines that will get you discover new sizes and strengths of your muscles. The CT Fletcher chest workout routine is famous, and it deserves to be so. The training is yet another proof that you can get buff without steroids or dangerous supplements. All you need is a healthy diet, ambition and the strength to follow the CT Fletcher workout as commanded! CT Fletcher Chest Workout: Don’t Begin Without Preparing! If you have already seen a workout video, then this warning may sound like one of the CT Fletcher quotes that you have small chances to forget. However, before engaging in the CT Fletcher chest workout, you need to make sure that you have a healthy diet, and don’t consume any supplements that might harm your muscles or the entire body. Of course, since this is a CT Fletcher workout plan, you also need determination and the will to follow the Iron Addict’s rules. The only supplements you can take are pre-workout supplements, creatine, protein, or multi-vitamins; Protein builds up your muscles, but you also need a solid foundation for the exercises. The CT Fletcher chest routine means over training, but you wouldn’t want to harm your muscles because you did not prepare; Your diet should include fish (daily), spinach, and sweet potatoes, among other healthy food; Last, but not least – choose your mindset! This is based on the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout, which focuses a lot on what you have on your mind while practicing; The CT Fletcher workout routine may seem a little rough, especially if you accompany it with audio. Find the motivation in CT Fletcher’s words and remember that you learn from a world champion! Warm Up 1: E-Z Bar Preacher Curls Sit on the preacher bench; Grab the E-Z curl bar from a close inner handle (at first, someone can hold the bar for you); Keep your palms facing forward and a bit tilted inward; Breathe in; Lower the bar slowly, until your upper arm extends. You should feel that your biceps in full stretch; Breathe out; Curl the weight up by adding pressure to the biceps, until the bar reaches your shoulder; Squeeze your biceps and hold the position for one second. Warm Up 2: Cable Curls Stand up and hold the cable curl; Grab the cable bar at your should width, while keeping your elbows close to the torso; Keep your palms facing up; Keep your upper arms still, and curl the weights. Meanwhile, contract your biceps and breathe out; You biceps need to be fully contracted, and the bar should stand at your shoulder level; Keep this position for one second; Bring […]

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Macro Calculator: A Must Have Tool for Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

The body requires a balance of three primary nutrients so as to function properly: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It’s important to determine the right amount that you need to consume every day. Diet makes a huge difference when it comes to attaining your health and fitness goals. In the past, most diet programs had limited options and rigid strategies. These days, fitness methods have evolved due to technology growth, and people can access flexible diet plans that meet their daily needs. Using a Macro calculator is one of the latest health and fitness technologies available. People have been seeing real results from using this calculator. What is a Macro Calculator? Macro calculator is an online app that helps to determine the ideal amount of nutrients that you should consume each day. The macro calculator provides the recommended calorie intake per day so as to lose a specific amount of weight each week. Being on a weight loss program can be really overwhelming. You constantly want to know the amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates you need to eat every day. That’s when the Macro calculator comes in handy. The calculator is used to determine your intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat every day. The calculator indicates the number of calories and nutrients you should eat per meal. How Does a Macro Calculator Work? The first step is entering your height, current weight, and your goal weight. The macro calculator will suggest the ideal calories per day in order for you to achieve your goal. What’s more! …The macro calculator app monitors your weight loss progress and tracks the calories you have remaining throughout the day. Moreover, the macro calculator takes into account the amount of calories you have burned in your physical workouts. Healthy weight loss involves balancing physical exercises and the right diet. The calculator is a simple way to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and you will observe rewarding results within a short time. You need to eat less calories than required by your body so as to lose weight in a healthy manner. The macro calculator generates Total Daily Energy Expenditure which allows you to set your ideal calories intake for healthy weight loss. To develop strong muscles, you should consume slightly more calories than your TDEE. People looking to build muscle need to consume 5-10% more calories without gaining too much fat. All foods contain protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Let’s do some simple math. Take a nutrition label that says 30g carbohydrates, 20g protein and 4g fat per serving. If your macro diet plan allows you to eat 45g carbs, 35g protein and 10 g fat for lunch, then that meal fits within your macro totals and you can include that meal in your lunch. It’s easy to calculate your macros, but it takes time and effort. That’s why you need a macro calculator tool. A nutrients calculator is essential for both professionals and novices in health and fitness niche. Importance of Macro Calculator […]

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