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Does Creatine Make you Gain Weight?

Before we dive into the question of whether creatine will make you gain weight let’s take a minute to understand just what creatine is and what it does. One of the most popular supplements on the market, Creatine, a naturally occurring amino acid in the body, helps provide energy to the muscles. Used as a supplement, creatine can help you perform better, and longer, because of improved energy. As a supplement, creatine is used to improve strength, build lean muscle mass and aid recovery after a workout. It is believed to be more effective in activities that require short bursts of energy and intensity, like weightlifting, and less effective in endurance type sports such as running. According to some studies, an estimated 40% of college-level athletes and 50% of professional athletes use the supplement as a part of their training regimen. Creatine comes in various forms and formats. You can use it in powder or pill form, or consume it via bars and gummies, making it accessible to almost everyone in their preferred form. It is also available in different concentrations and formulations, such as Creatine Nitrate, which allows for a higher concentration of the substance to be absorbed by the body. Creatine Hydrochloride is taken in smaller doses with less water and is purported to cause less bloating and water retention than other formulations. What Happens When You Use Creatine? One of the most common side effects of taking creatine is bloating and water retention. This can make you feel, and sometimes look, fat. Remember, water weight is not permanent, and it certainly isn’t fat, which is much harder to reduce or eliminate. Taken as a supplement, creatine nitrate will provide greater muscular energy, which in turn should lead to better performance and, as a result, gains in the gym. As you get stronger you can lift more and build more muscle, which is the kind of weight that you want to be gaining. When Should You Take Creatine? Creatine Monohydrate is the most widely used formulation of the supplement. It is less expensive than other more complex formulations and is usually mixed with water and consumed in liquid format. Most athletes who are looking for good results use the supplement both before and after a workout. Some trainers suggest that certain formulations of the supplement should be taken in a “loading phase” for about a week to build up the body’s stores.  After the loading period, creatine can be incorporated into your performance routine.  While there is no ideal schedule for consumption, many athletes supplement about half an hour to one hour before working out, and then immediately after training as part of the refueling/replenishing routine. Because your natural creatine levels can get depleted easily with regular high-intensity training, supplementing regularly to maximize muscle building and energy is recommended. Which Form of Creatine Works Best? Which form of creatine you use as a supplement really depends on your particular physicality and training regimen. Muscletech brand creatine, which can be […]

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All You Need To Know About Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol Hydrochloride (HCL), or often referred to as clen, is one of the more popular fat eliminating products available on today’s market. It’s a relatively popular yet controversial drug in the weight loss community. In the bodybuilding community, it’s one of the most commonly used steroids.  Endorsed and recommended by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Britney Spears, people’s interest is peaked with what clenbuterol can do for them. There have also been several athletes who showed up with signs of Clenbuterol in their blood when they were tested for dosing. With everyone striving to be as small of a size as possible, it’s no surprise that people are hoping for a quick fix with Clenbuterol. Doing a quick search for the product brings countless pictures, reviews and stories of people who’s bodies have been changed by clen. Beyond weightloss, it’s also used to help treat asthma and other breathing conditions. You may be more familiar with its other marketed terms such as Dilaterol, Spiropent, or Ventipulmin. How Clenbuterol Is Effective Different Forms Most people prefer to take clenbuterol in tablet form rather than liquid, which comes in drops. A standard dose is typically 20mcg for both men and women. However, some men take it in 40mcg dosages. Taking it orally is the normal treatment for asthma. Other ways to use it are doing an actual injection which body builders use to have a slimming effect on their body. It’s also available for buying in gel form and often paid for via Paypal. Peptide is sold within the USA, but cannot be purchased over the counter at a store. Uses Most people associate clenbuterol with trying to lose weight or bodybuilding. It blocks fat production in your body, and makes you body use the fat to burn. However, an ever-increasing number of individuals are choosing to use medications like Clenbuterol as a treatment for breathing problems like asthma. Some body builders stack it, cycling anavar or t3 which both carry a pretty hefty price tag. Albuterol, Ambroxol, Ephedrine and Winstrol are known to be similar burners that some people find to be more effective. However, they have the same side effects including hair loss, as clen. It’s also very dangerous to consume any form of alcohol while on any of these drugs. Sopharma Clenbuterol is not only used to be a fat burner for humans, but is used for animals as well. In horses, and various livestock it’s used to decrease fat and develop lean muscle. In small doses, it also can help a horse who is having airway or breathing issues, in the same way it helps humans with asthma struggles. How to use it safely The drug Clenbuterol works best in a fraudulent business model. It is more imperative to set up a resistance to the dose than to gradually stop the cycle. For first time clients, 20 to 40 mcg for every day is viewed as a decent place to begin. For body builders, they sometimes work up to 120 mcg. […]

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TDEE Calculator – Calculate Calorie Intake

Are you looking to lose weight but not really sure where to start or how to track your progress? There’s many ways to calculate calorie intake for your weight loss. Many people use a TDEE  calculator. TDEE is an acronym for Total Daily Energy Expenditure. Total Daily Energy Expenditure refers to the number of calories that your body burns in one day. If you know this parameter, you will be able to design your weight loss program more efficiently. We’re going to show you how to determine your TDEE using formulas or a TDEE calculator. A TDEE calculator can be used to easily calculate calorie intake and for various purposes like forming a weight loss plan. You can use it if you want to lose weight or maintain your weight. Although the calculation is easy, it doesn’t contain other common parameters like your daily activity level and your age. This is the reason why using a TDEE calculator may be less accurate than using another method like finding your BMR (basal metabolic rate). A TDEE calculator is very helpful, but shouldn’t be the sole way of determining your health and fitness levels. To use a TDEE calculator, you’ll first need to find out your lean body mass. You will have to check out your body fat percentage. Some scales have this feature built in when you weight yourself. You can also determine this with a simple calculation. Again, this is not an accurate representation of your health or fitness level. There are many factors that play in to determining how much weight you need to lose. Example Calculation: Let’s say that your body fat is 20%. You will need to take the body fat out to calculate the lean body mass. If your body weight is 180 pounds, the body fat is 20 percent of 180 pounds, which equals 36 pounds. Then your lean body mass is 180-36 pounds or 144 pounds. Now you will have to take the following parameters into your calculation: Weight gain = 18 – 19 calories per lb. of lean body mass. Maintenance (TDEE) = 15 – 16 calories per lb. of lean body mass. Fat loss = 12 – 13 calories per lb. of lean body mass. If you want to lose fat, you can get your TDEE as following: 13 calories multiply by 144 pounds equal to 1872 calories. This is the total number of calories you will need to consume each day. What Can I Use My TDEE For? It’s not difficult to calculate and monitor calorie intake. The hardest part of the process is knowing how you can use the number in your day-to-day life to achieve your weight goals. If you have decided to go on a calorie counting diet, then you need to determine how many calories your body needs to survive each day. After you determine how many calories you need you can get continue to figure out a nutrition plan to help you lose those extra pounds. There are so many ways you can […]

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Macro Calculator: A Must Have Tool for Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

The body requires a balance of three primary nutrients so as to function properly: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It’s important to determine the right amount that you need to consume every day. Diet makes a huge difference when it comes to attaining your health and fitness goals. In the past, most diet programs had limited options and rigid strategies. These days, fitness methods have evolved due to technology growth, and people can access flexible diet plans that meet their daily needs. Using a Macro calculator is one of the latest health and fitness technologies available. People have been seeing real results from using this calculator. What is a Macro Calculator? Macro calculator is an online app that helps to determine the ideal amount of nutrients that you should consume each day. The macro calculator provides the recommended calorie intake per day so as to lose a specific amount of weight each week. Being on a weight loss program can be really overwhelming. You constantly want to know the amount of fat, protein, and carbohydrates you need to eat every day. That’s when the Macro calculator comes in handy. The calculator is used to determine your intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fat every day. The calculator indicates the number of calories and nutrients you should eat per meal. How Does a Macro Calculator Work? The first step is entering your height, current weight, and your goal weight. The macro calculator will suggest the ideal calories per day in order for you to achieve your goal. What’s more! …The macro calculator app monitors your weight loss progress and tracks the calories you have remaining throughout the day. Moreover, the macro calculator takes into account the amount of calories you have burned in your physical workouts. Healthy weight loss involves balancing physical exercises and the right diet. The calculator is a simple way to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and you will observe rewarding results within a short time. You need to eat less calories than required by your body so as to lose weight in a healthy manner. The macro calculator generates Total Daily Energy Expenditure which allows you to set your ideal calories intake for healthy weight loss. To develop strong muscles, you should consume slightly more calories than your TDEE. People looking to build muscle need to consume 5-10% more calories without gaining too much fat. All foods contain protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Let’s do some simple math. Take a nutrition label that says 30g carbohydrates, 20g protein and 4g fat per serving. If your macro diet plan allows you to eat 45g carbs, 35g protein and 10 g fat for lunch, then that meal fits within your macro totals and you can include that meal in your lunch. It’s easy to calculate your macros, but it takes time and effort. That’s why you need a macro calculator tool. A nutrients calculator is essential for both professionals and novices in health and fitness niche. Importance of Macro Calculator […]

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