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Top 5 CT Fletcher Quotes to Kick Start Your Daily Workout

Are you looking for new motivation for your daily workout? Has it been difficult to keep motivating yourself to get out of bed and do your routine? Do you need to kick it into gear? Read on to get the top five CT Fletcher quotes and learn how you can incorporate them into your workout every day this week. At times we all can feel unmotivated to do exercise — but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in that rut. Sometimes, all you need is a little encouragement from the people who have gone before you — and there is perhaps no better motivation (and entertainment) to kick start your daily workout than to hear from power-lifting champion CT Fletcher. Let’s start pumping some iron! 5. You must become obsessed with obtaining what you are trying to get. You have to be obsessed with it. Among the famous CT Fletcher quotes, this one is a great reminder that you to work for what you want. Becoming a champion didn’t come for CT over night. He had to work at it — and let him tell you: It was grueling to get there. But early on CT developed a mindset of commitment and resiliency. He told himself he wasn’t going to quit until he reached his goals. Every day he brought that mindset to his workout. So, in a way, he did become obsessed with improving, pushing himself harder and higher and meeting his goals. Again, those goals aren’t ever met immediately. However, over time you can get to yours if you develop a similar mindset of becoming focused and commitment. So get obsessed with your workouts! 4. I’m trying to call on all the Gods of power. Hercules, Apollo, Atlas… None of us are as strong, committed, quick or resilient as we want to be or think we are. That’s where we can get defeated in the process of trying to reach an important fitness goal. But when I read these CT Fletcher quotes — and this one in particular — I’m reminded of how important it is to call on the power of those who have gone before you and to channel their power and inspiration to motivate yourself. So for example, in this case, CT is calling about the Greek gods of power and strength. These are mythical gods, of course, but the principle is the same. If they can release insurmountable, all-mighty power and strength — then CT can too. Then you can, too. Get in a habit of thinking you are stronger than you are and going into your workouts pumped up with that thought! YOU are as strong as the gods! 3. For competition, always loop the thumbs around the bar and squeeeeeeeze… Among the most popular CT Fletcher quotes, this one is perhaps the most scary. With this quote, CT is preparing to be in the spotlight and to put on a show of his strength. When all eyes are on him, he is ready […]

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Top 3 Legal Steroids to Get Lean Mass in a Matter of Months in 2016-2017

If you have fitness goals of adding lean muscle mass, you may feel like you need something to help you boost your results. You’d still be training hard in the gym and your diet would have to be on point but there are ways of enhancing your body’s ability to grow more muscle faster. Of course, you’re probably thinking about anabolic steroids and whilst they are fantastic at what they do, unfortunately, for most users, they are illegal in their country. However, you’ll be glad to hear that there are alternative products out there. Many of these items are available at the steroids website. So let’s take a look at the 3 most powerful legal steroids that you can use to put on lean muscle mass within a very short period of time. Dianabol When bodybuilders step foot into a gym with the goal of increasing muscle mass, they know that one of the most effective ways to do this is to lift heavy weight for as many reps as possible. However, being a natural bodybuilder puts limitations on the amount of weight you can lift. This is where a legal dianabol product can be utilised to its full potential. The quantity of nitrogen within your muscles is increased which helps your body to synthesize protein at a faster rate. As a result, you’re able to build bigger muscles and move more weight. Trenorol Those who want to increase their lean muscle mass whilst keeping the fat gain down to an absolute minimum would find Trenorol to be their most suited option. Just like the dianabol item, it ups the nitrogen in the muscles to help boost the protein synthesis process and build muscle BUT, it also contains some fat burning traits. Therefore, users can experience a gain in lean muscle whilst simultaneously shedding away fat. It’s a great combination for bodybuilders who are cutting too because it preserves all of the precious muscle tissue and helps you get leaner. Strength gains may improve but they wouldn’t be anything too drastic since this legal steroid is more concerned with providing you with lean muscle gains. Anadrol If you wanted to see fat loss and muscle building results fast, anadrole should be one of the top items on your list. Many bodybuilders have said that they noticed their bodies were getting deeper cuts in the muscle bellies and as a result, they looked even leaner on stage. However, their muscles were also able to remain full. Looking shredded and full is a hard thing that bodybuilders try to achieve and it can be done with the combination of the right training and diet as well as anadrole. Your strength gains can also be improved which is one of the staples of preserving muscle mass. The Alternatives To Anabolic Steroids The three products mentioned above are alternative options to using anabolic steroids and they are considered to be safer when it comes to your health. Steroids usually involve a number of side effects […]

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