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ct fletcher workout routine

How the CT Fletcher Workout Routine Accounts for Everything

CT Fletcher is a celebrity in the world of body builders. He is known for his ambition to become the strongest man on the planet and powerful motivational videos. The CT Fletcher workout routine is meant for body builders. It accounts for everything you would ever wish to gain from the gym. It also includes all the long-term goals you might want to achieve. Here is why. 4 Parts of Your Life the CT Fletcher Workout Routine Will Change 1. It Involves a Healthy Diet CT Fletcher used to eat a highly unhealthy and non-nutritious diet. For about 20 years, his daily lunch consisted of Big Macs, fries, and strawberry shakes. According to CT Fletcher, he did not care much about his diet as his only goal was to grow as big as possible. Apparently, he had no intentions of living to his current age of 54. After going through an open heart surgery because of complications arising from his lifestyle, he had to review his diet to incorporate foods advised by his doctor. These include sweet potatoes and brown rice. Therefore, the CT Fletcher workout routine now includes a healthy dieting plan. 2. Does Not Involve the Use of Steroids Steroids are highly recommended in many body building workout routines. This is regardless of the fact that most of them come with serious side effects, whether in the long or short-term. Many have not even been on the market long enough for professionals to study their effects. Also, most of the products promoted on the internet do nothing to improve your performance or capacity to build muscle. That is why they always come as fads and disappear as soon as enough people fail to experience the promised results. The CT Fletcher workout routine does not involve any use of steroids. THE “SAVAGE BEAST” ROARS !!! DROPS IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL !!! #MOTIVATION #GYM #SMASH #SUMMERSMASH #IRONADDICT #IRONADDICTSGYM #CAUSEIFUCKINSAIDSO #IMCEOBITCH #ISYMFS #IMBLESSED #FUCKAVERAGE #FUCKEXCUSES #IRONADDICT4LIFE #YOUTUBE #IRONADDICTSBRAND A post shared by The Official C.T. Fletcher (@c.t.ali.fletcher) on Jul 8, 2017 at 10:11am PDT 3. Encourages Hard Work Unfortunately, the only way to build your body is through hard work. Anyone who suggests otherwise is lying. In fact, the only sure way of telling whether a workout routine is genuine is to check whether it promotes shortcuts to the body you want. The CT Fletcher workout routine purely centers on hard work and strenuous exercises. Apparently, CT Fletcher developed mental strength and a capacity to withstand stress from his childhood. He grew up with a strict father, and the discomfort experience made him develop stamina. If you don’t experience pain when following the CT Fletcher workout routine, then you must be doing it wrong. 4. Involves Mentality The CT Fletcher workout routine incorporates positive mentality. One reason for his fame comes from his powerful motivational YouTube videos. Also, he uses a lot of obscene language in the videos. However, this is probably one of the reasons […]

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This CT Fletcher Workout PROVES Once and For All You Can Get Buff

CT Fletcher is among the most famous and successful power lifters in the world. He even developed his unique approach on exercises – the CT Fletcher workout style. According to him, his greatest accomplishment was attempting to lift 705 pounds in a public competition. However, he did this without having to use drugs. Even though he failed, he has still grown into an inspiration for people who want to gain mass and strength authentically. His methods involve nothing but arduous work. Having gone through an open-heart surgery because of a poor past diet, he now recommends a healthy diet for body builders. Using the CT Fletcher workout routine, you can achieve your body building goals without desperately buying unhealthy drugs. So, what does the CT Fletcher workout involve? Let’s find out. Before the CT Fletcher Workout It is essential to note some critical points about the CT Fletcher penitentiary workout, as he calls it. First, unlike most workout routines, this one does not involve targeting a maximum number of reps. Instead, he suggests that you work out to your maximum potential. Then, you need to do 10 more after that. The workout is sure to involve a lot of pain, so you better be ready for that. With these workouts, it is recommended that you follow a strict diet composed of: 50 percent protein; Approximately 40 percent carbohydrates; 10 percent fat. The food isn’t meant to taste good. So, be sure to follow Fletcher’s advice and focus on the results of the diet. Are You Ready for the 8 Power Exercises? 1 Triceps Push-down This strength workout is meant to build your triceps. It involves the use of a bar that is attached to a high pulley. You can use an E-Z bar or a V-angled bar instead of a straight one. The type of bar you use will have an impact on your comfort during the workouts. For beginners, CT Fletcher recommends at least 10 sets and 10 reps. Follow these steps for optimal results: Grab the bar at shoulder width with your palms facing down. Your upper arms should be perpendicular to the floor and very close to your upper body. For this workout, only your forearm should move. Then, slightly incline forward and hold your torso straight. Push the bar down till it touches the front of your thighs. At this point, your arms should be extended fully and perpendicular to the floor. After a second, slowly return the bar to the starting position as you inhale. Do at least 10 reps and 10 sets. At most, work till your body fails. 2. Inclined Hammer Curls This workout targets your biceps. It will require the use of a dumbbell. Follow these steps: Get two dumbbells and find a comfortable position on an incline bench. Push your legs against the bench. Hung a dumbbell on each of your sides, holding without a very strong grip. Movement should occur on the elbow. Also, your upper arms should be in […]

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CT Fletcher Master Plan, A Foolproof Way to Buff Yourself Up

Body building is not an easy task. It takes a lot of determination, discipline, and challenging work. In addition, you need the proper workout technique. Many people lack these qualities and the necessary knowledge to build muscle. That is what the CT Fletcher Master Plan aims to eliminate. In a five-day seminar, you will work harder than you ever have, all guided by CT Fletcher himself. It offers you the knowledge of what exercises to do, and how to do them, in addition to giving you the motivation needed to see you through the workouts. So what does this master plan involve? Before Workout The CT Fletcher Master Plan certification is given to anyone who makes it through a week’s seminar in his Long Beach gym. Basically, the workouts involve pushing your body beyond its limits. They mainly cover arms and chest and best suit professional athletes. Besides strenuous workouts, you will also need to adjust your diet to include lots of protein and carbohydrates. Doing this will give you the energy needed for the exercises and will also provide material for the building and repair of muscles. Ideally, fat should only take 10 percent of your diet. CT Fletcher doesn’t use supplements or steroids to build muscles. CT Fletcher Master Plan: 6 Exercises You Cannot Fool 1. The Agony Press/ Bradford Press This workout involves the use of a barbell. The bar should be placed at shoulder height at the starting position. You should hold it in front of your body and grab it at shoulder width. Then, follow these steps: Move the bar over and behind your head. Move your elbows when doing this. Lift the bar over your head and to the starting position. Be careful not to lock out your elbows. That will make a complete rep. You need to make 10 reps, and 10 sets. Your break between sets should last for a minute. 2. Machine Military Press For this workout, you will need a shoulder press machine. Sit down on the machine and select the weight you want to work with. Then: Bring the handles to your side and keep your elbows bent. Also, in the starting position, your elbows should be in line with your torso. Lift the handles and extend your arms. You should exhale while doing this. Lower the handles back to the original position slowly as you inhale Do 10 sets of 10 reps each, and take a 90-second break in between the sets. 3. Side Lateral Raise This CT Fletcher master plan workout is meant to build your shoulder muscles. It involves the use of a dumbbell. You will need to hold dumbbells on both arms and stand with a straight torso. Your arms should be facing you in the starting position. Then you can follow these steps: Slightly bend your knees as you lift the dumbbells to your side. Raise the dumbbells till your arms are parallel to the ground. Lower the dumbbells to the starting position. Inhale slowly […]

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